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Science Explained!

How to make your own Solar Eclipse Viewer

Learn how to make your own solar eclipse pin hole viewer so you can safely watch any total or partial eclipse.
20 Years of Graphene

Exploring Beyond Graphene: Nanocarbon and 2D Materials e-book

In this celebration of graphene, our eBook delves into more than just graphene as it explores forms of carbon and 2D materials. Download the eBook and find out more about these cutting edge materials.
Map of the Month

Map of the Month – Bacteria

In this Map of the Month blog, Raman spectroscopy is coupled with principal component analysis to discriminate between bacterial species.
St Patrick's Day

Emerald Streams: Dyeing Rivers Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Chicago's iconic green river for St. Patrick's Day hides a surprising environmental twist! Originally, a harmful dye impacted aquatic life. Discover the switch to a safer alternative and delve into the fascinating science behind the vibrant green spectacle.
Science Explained!

Lighting Up DNA with… Handstands?

DNA is so small, that even with powerful microscopes it is difficult for us to see, so scientists use special fluorescent labels to make it easier to investigate. Discover the incredibly creative way one of our scientists, Alix, explains why scientists use fluorescent labels and how they work!
20 Years of Graphene

Unveiling the Nanoscale World: Raman Imaging of Graphene

Graphene 20: We continue our celebration of Graphene by taking a closer look at the structure of the material. Using Raman spectroscopy, discover how you can investigate the quality of graphene, defects and even its local environment.
People of Edinburgh Instruments

People of Edinburgh Instruments - CJ Seller

We spoke to CJ, Head of Marketing here at Edinburgh Instruments to find out more about her and her job role here. At Edinburgh Instruments, we are proud of all our employees for all they do behind the scenes, so we thought it was time to put them in the spotlight. This series does exactly that!

Map of the Month – OLED

In this Map of the Month, we show how the RMS1000 can be used to test OLED devices for EL luminosity and colour distribution.
20 Years of Graphene

The Carbon Chronicles: Tales of Allotropes and Marvels

Allotropes of carbon exist with vastly different properties - this quick blog outlines how the structural arrangement of carbon atoms impacts a material's properties.