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Cyclohexane, excited with 785 nm laser

Raman Spectroscopy: Measurement Examples

This handy guide explores a range of measurement examples for those working in the field of Raman Spectroscopy. Discover more about Polarised Raman Spectroscopy, Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering, and the 5-position grating turret of the RM5.

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What is the Stokes Shift?

Stokes Shift, named after Irish physicist George Gabriel Stokes, is the term given to the spectral shift to lower energy between the incident light and the scattered or emitted light after interaction with a sample. The Stokes Shift is an important concept in both Fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy and is introduced in this article.

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Mapping the Raman Spectra

Mapping the Raman spectra within a sample area provides previously unavailable information about the chemical and physical differences across a sample. This article uses data gathered by mapping a commercial composite pain killer tablet. Learn more about this powerful technique.

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Meet Edinburgh Instruments’ 2019 Summer Students…

Each year Edinburgh Instruments welcomes a selection of bright, aspiring young students from local schools and universities. This year we were joined by a group of eager and skilled young people who wanted to develop their skills in their preferred field. Discover more about our students and find out how Edinburgh Instruments has been preparing them for the world of work.

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The Beer-Lambert Law: Absorbance and Transmittance of light through a cuvette

The Beer-Lambert Law

In this blog post, the definitions of transmittance and absorbance of light by a substance are first introduced followed by an explanation of the Beer-Lambert Law.

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Jablonski Diagram

What is Kasha’s Rule?

Kasha’s Rule is named after the American molecular spectroscopist Michael Kasha and is one of the main principles in fluorescence spectroscopy. This article explores the results of Kasha’s seminal paper “Characterization of Electronic Transitions in Complex Molecules”. Learn more about this pioneer of fluorescence spectroscopy.

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Fizzy Fluorescence – Competition

Competition time: this month we’re challenging you to name the carbonated drink which fluoresces when placed under an ultraviolet light. The lucky winner of this easy to enter competition will receive an Edinburgh Instruments goodie bag filled with treats. Simply apply here

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