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Science Explained!

Revealing the Rainbow: Create Your Own Diffraction Grating

Diffraction gratings are something we talk about a lot but... what are they? Find out exactly what a diffraction grating is, why we need them in our spectrometers and how you can make your own in this instalment of Science Explained!
Science Explained!

How to make your own Solar Eclipse Viewer

Learn how to make your own solar eclipse pin hole viewer so you can safely watch any total or partial eclipse.
Science Explained!

Lighting Up DNA with… Handstands?

DNA is so small, that even with powerful microscopes it is difficult for us to see, so scientists use special fluorescent labels to make it easier to investigate. Discover the incredibly creative way one of our scientists, Alix, explains why scientists use fluorescent labels and how they work!
20 Years of Graphene

The Carbon Chronicles: Tales of Allotropes and Marvels

Allotropes of carbon exist with vastly different properties - this quick blog outlines how the structural arrangement of carbon atoms impacts a material's properties.