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  • Molecular Spectroscopy Solutions for Research and Development

    Molecular Spectroscopy is a subcategory of spectroscopy that studies the interaction of radiation with molecules and extended materials, as opposed to atomic spectroscopy techniques which deal with individual atoms.
  • Edinburgh Instruments Webinar: What is Nanosecond Transient Absorption?

    We are delighted to announce the next in our series of popular webinars - “What is Nanosecond Transient Absorption?” This webinar session will be taking place on 6th and 19th August, to accommodate for all time zones.
  • UV Visible Spectroscopy Instrumentation for Research

    "In the spotlight" UV-Visible Spectroscopy Instrumentation - In this article we take a look at some of the accessories which can be used with our DS5 Dual Beam UV-Vis Spectrophotometer.
  • Spectral Resolution in Raman Spectroscopy

    The spectral resolution in Raman spectroscopy dictates the maximum number of spectral peaks that the spectrometer can resolve. The level of spectral resolution required is dependent on the sample and what information the user is aiming to obtain from the Raman spectrum.

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