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People of Edinburgh Instruments

People of Edinburgh Instruments - CJ Seller

We spoke to CJ, Head of Marketing here at Edinburgh Instruments to find out more about her and her job role here. At Edinburgh Instruments, we are proud of all our employees for all they do behind the scenes, so we thought it was time to put them in the spotlight. This series does exactly that!

Map of the Month – OLED

In this Map of the Month, we show how the RMS1000 can be used to test OLED devices for EL luminosity and colour distribution.
20 Years of Graphene

The Carbon Chronicles: Tales of Allotropes and Marvels

Allotropes of carbon exist with vastly different properties - this quick blog outlines how the structural arrangement of carbon atoms impacts a material's properties.
20 Years of Graphene

20 Years of Graphene – Celebrate the Discovery of this Wonder Material

In the 20 years since its discovery, graphene has made several advances possible in industries such as energy, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Join us as we celebrate this remarkable material throughout 2024.
Map of the Month

Map of the Month – Silicon Semiconductor

In January’s Map of the Month, we look forward to the longer days by analysing strain in a standard solar cell semiconductor material: silicon.

Map of The Month - Christmas Spices

Edi’s been making a mess in the kitchen! Baking up some Christmas goodies we’ve had a few spills along the way. But what did they spill? Let’s find out with the RM5!

Component Close-Up: Constant Fraction Discrimination

Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting receives non-uniform pulses from the excitation source and the sample, so how do we ensure the timing electronics precisely record arrival time? Discover how constant fraction discrimination enables accurate timing despite pulse fluctuations and system noise.
Map of the Month

Map of the Month – Autumn Leaves

In November’s Map of the Month, we celebrate the coming of autumn by photoluminescence imaging chlorophyll in a fallen leaf.

Give 'em Pumpkin to Talk About - Spectrifying Sweets on the RMS1000

Happy Halloween! The applications team at Edinburgh Instruments are getting into the spooky spirit with some supernatural Raman maps taken on the new RMS1000 Raman Microscope. Find out more...

Nobel Prize Win: Quantum Dots

The 2023 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded for the discovery and synthesis of quantum dots. Find out more about how quantum dots have impacted our world and how the FS5 Spectrofluorometer can be used for the research and development of quantum dots in this blog.