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20 Years of Graphene

Graphene Analysis: How to Configure Your Raman Microscope

In our Year of Graphene series, we've showcased why Raman microscopy is ideal for analysing graphene and other 2D materials. But what exactly is a Raman microscope, and what factors should be considered to optimise your Raman Microscope for graphene analysis?
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Revealing the Rainbow: Create Your Own Diffraction Grating

Diffraction gratings are something we talk about a lot but... what are they? Find out exactly what a diffraction grating is, why we need them in our spectrometers and how you can make your own in this instalment of Science Explained!
Spectral School

What is Raman Imaging?

We talk about Raman imaging a lot, but what actually is it? Read this short Spectral School blog to find the answer.
Map of the Month

Map of the Month – Pharmaceutical API Detection

In this Map of the Month, a formulation containing the API cetirizine (CTZ) hydrochloride, a widely used antihistamine, was imaged using the Edinburgh Instruments RM5 Confocal Microscope.
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What is Photoinduced Electron Transfer? 

In photoinduced electron transfer, an electron is transferred from a photoexcited donor molecule to an acceptor molecule. The process results in charge separation and the formation of a radical cation of the donor and a radical anion of the acceptor.
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What is Dexter Energy Transfer?

Dexter energy transfer, also called electron exchange energy transfer, is a photophysical mechanism where a simultaneous exchange of electrons occurs between donor and acceptor molecules.
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What is Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)?

Förster resonance energy transfer is a photophysical mechanism where energy is transferred from an excited molecule (the donor) to another molecule (the acceptor) via a dipole-dipole resonance interaction.
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What is a Fluorescence Spectrometer?

A fluorescence spectrometer is used to study the fluorescence properties of a sample. It excites a sample with a specific wavelength of light and measures the intensity and spectral distribution of the resulting fluorescence emission.
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What is a Stern-Volmer Plot?

The Stern-Volmer plot is used to study the interaction dynamics between a fluorescent emitter and a quencher.
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What is Fluorescence Quenching?

Fluorescence quenching is the decrease in fluorescence intensity of an emitter due to interaction with a quencher.