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Photosynthesis in Plants - Holly

Photosynthesis in Plants: Holly

We are lucky to have some holly just outside our factory in Scotland which makes us feel Christmassy all year round. Taking advantage of this we have measured the fluorescence quantum yield of its leaves as a function of temperature, using an FLS1000 with a Cryosphere accessory.

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Customer Interview – Professor Julia Weinstein, University of Sheffield

Professor Julia Weinstein at the University of Sheffield has been a longstanding customer of Edinburgh Instruments’ and has established many successful collaborations with scientists across the globe. Her work concerns photo-induced charge and energy transfer reactions with applications in solar energy, bioimaging, and photodynamic therapy. We were lucky enough to get a chance to catch up with her, see what she had to say.

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Second Order Diffraction through a Monochromator – Common Errors in Fluorescence Spectroscopy

In this post we discuss the phenomena of second order diffraction through a monochromator and the problems it can cause in fluorescence spectroscopy. This is the second in a series of blog posts where we discuss the most common errors made, and experimental artefacts that appear when measuring fluorescence spectra. This list was originally inspired by the ‘Rogue’s Gallery of Fluorescence Artefacts and Errors’ in the excellent book ‘Introduction to Fluorescence’ by David M. Jameson.

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