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Map of the Month

Map of the Month – Multimodal Imaging of WSe2

In this Map of the Month, we highlight our recent Application Note, in which the RMS1000 was used in multiple microscopic and spectroscopic imaging modes to investigate the structural and optical properties of a crystal of WSe2.
Spectral School

Common Sampling Techniques of FTIR Spectroscopy

FTIR spectroscopy can be configured with multiple sampling accessories covering all applications. This article introduces the most commonly used sampling techniques; transmission, ATR, specular reflectance, and DRIFTS. Learn about how each technique works, its most important applications areas, and the pros and cons of using them in your research.
Spectral School

What is FTIR Spectroscopy?

This quick read blog will introduce the basics of FTIR spectroscopy discussing how the instrument works, and what the resulting spectrum can reveal about your sample.
Map of the Month

Map of the Month - Art

This Map of the Month blog highlights Raman microscopy’s capability to assist in the identification of art forgeries. The technique is sensitive to pigments which can give clues to the age of the art piece, and the authenticity.
Research and Publications

Research Highlight: Photoredox borylation or aryldiazonium salts studied with the LP980

A multidisciplinary team of researchers led by Dr Ludovic Troian-Gautier (Université Catholique de Louvain) have published a study on the mechanism of photoredox reactions involving aryl diazonium salts and a range of photosensitisers. Using the LP980 transient absorption spectrometer from Edinburgh Instruments, the team detected the transient pair of radicals formed in the process and the lifetime of the reaction

Science Trends 2023 for Molecular Spectroscopy Applications

Science Trends in 2023 will shape the future of research, from environmental challenges to advances in precision medicine. Read our blog which outlines the trends in 2023 for molecular spectroscopy applications.

Map of the Month – Chocolate

Ever wondered what’s in your chocolate treats – this map of the month we investigate some white chocolate. Mapping the sample, we can see the distribution of the key components in chocolate!

Map of the Month – Imaging Tungsten Disulfide

In this Map of the Month, we highlight the sensitivity of Raman and PL microscopy for analysing 2D materials such as tungsten disulfide.

Edinburgh Instruments Proudly Sponsors Livingston Care Home Walk

In November members of staff from Livingston Care Home, embarked, along with family and friends on a sponsored 5k walk to raise funds for Livingston Care Home.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fluorescence Lifetime?

Fluorescence lifetime is an important photophysical parameter, providing insights into the energy relaxation and dynamics of the species under study.