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  • Word Of The Week - 2

    Activate your brain and have some fun by attempting to solve our Word of the Week.
  • International Day of Light

    The 16th of May marks the International Day of Light, a date of importance at Edinburgh Instruments as we use light every day in our techniques. Discover what light means to us and our instruments in this short article.
  • Does This Hand Sanitiser Actually Work?

    As EI gets back on the road, we’ve updated our booth to include hand sanitiser to help keep everyone safe, but does it actually work? Using Raman spectroscopy, the apps team investigated if our sanitiser was over the 60% ethanol required to
  • Space Spectrometers - Celebrating National Space Day

    Celebrated annually, National Space Day commemorates the extraordinary achievements and opportunities space exploration provides. Here at Edinburgh Instruments we celebrated National Space Day by highlighting the amazing space spectrometers that have assisted in space exploration. Read this fascinating article to learn more.

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