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  • Photoluminescence in Raman Spectra – Friend or Foe?

    When using Raman spectroscopy, we are typically told that photoluminescence (PL) interference is always a problem. However, that’s not always true and configuring your Raman microscope for PL measurements creates two instruments in one! This quick read blog highlights some key applications
  • Determining Fluorescence Lifetimes

    Spectral School
    Why and how we fit components to recorded TCSPC data? Using a variety of examples, we show how different systems need to be explored in different ways from the same TCSPC system.
  • Map of the Month – Document Forgery

    Map of the Month
    The forgery of documents is a common problem for the police, customs officials, and historians, and they are very difficult to detect by eye. Here we show how photoluminescence spectroscopy can be used to detect an ink forgery without damaging the sample.
  • Infrared or Raman Spectroscopy?

    Spectral School
    IR and Raman spectroscopy are two complimentary vibrational spectroscopy techniques. How to choose which one to use? Our Spectral School article explains how to tell if your samples are better suited to Raman or IR spectroscopy and why.

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