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Spectral School

What is Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)?

Förster resonance energy transfer is a photophysical mechanism where energy is transferred from an excited molecule (the donor) to another molecule (the acceptor) via a dipole-dipole resonance interaction.
Spectral School

What is a Fluorescence Spectrometer?

A fluorescence spectrometer is used to study the fluorescence properties of a sample. It excites a sample with a specific wavelength of light and measures the intensity and spectral distribution of the resulting fluorescence emission.
People of Edinburgh Instruments

People of Edinburgh Instruments - Georgios Arvanitakis

We spoke to Georgios about his time here at Edinburgh Instruments and also his time out side of work. Here at Edinburgh Instruments, we are proud of all our employees for all they do behind the scenes, so we thought it was time to put them in the spotlight. This series does exactly that; you get a sneak peek into
Spectral School

What is a Stern-Volmer Plot?

The Stern-Volmer plot is used to study the interaction dynamics between a fluorescent emitter and a quencher.

Map of the Month - Carbon Nanotube Polarisation

In this Map of the Month blog, we discuss how mapping can be used to visualise the changes in the Raman spectrum of a sample when an external variable, such as temperature or polarisation angle, is applied.
Spectral School

What is Fluorescence Quenching?

Fluorescence quenching is the decrease in fluorescence intensity of an emitter due to interaction with a quencher.
20 Years of Graphene

How to Aquire Great Raman Spectra of Graphene

How exactly do you obtain a great Raman spectrum of graphene? This month's "20 Years of Graphene" instalment tells you exactly how to set up your Raman microscope to take a great Raman spectrum. 
Science Explained!

How to make your own Solar Eclipse Viewer

Learn how to make your own solar eclipse pin hole viewer so you can safely watch any total or partial eclipse.
20 Years of Graphene

Exploring Beyond Graphene: Nanocarbon and 2D Materials e-book

In this celebration of graphene, our eBook delves into more than just graphene as it explores forms of carbon and 2D materials. Download the eBook and find out more about these cutting edge materials.
Map of the Month

Map of the Month – Bacteria

In this Map of the Month blog, Raman spectroscopy is coupled with principal component analysis to discriminate between bacterial species.