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Technical Note: Substrates for Raman Microscopy

Sample substrates can contribute to the resulting signal and hide valuable information about the sample in Raman Microscopy. This Technical Note will discuss the properties of different substrates commonly used for Raman microscopy.

Constant Fraction Determination

Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting receives non-uniform pulses from the excitation source and the sample, so how do we ensure the timing electronics precisely record arrival time? Discover how constant fraction discrimination enables accurate timing despite pulse fluctuations and system noise.

How to Clean Reference Plugs for Reliable Quantum Yield Measurements

In this Technical Note, the importance of cleaning sintered PTFE reference plugs in explained. It also shows how to clean these reference materials for thee reliability of your quantum yield measurements.

Technical Note: Raman, Photoluminescence, and PLIM Imaging Using the RMS1000 Confocal Microscope

This Technical Note demonstrates how the RMS1000 Confocal Raman Microscope can be used to perform Raman, PL, and lifetime imaging of a sample all within a single software package.

Application Note: Batch and Global Analysis of Fluorescence Lifetimes

This application note shows the potential application of a plate reader on an FLS1000 and fluorescence lifetime analysis using batch analysis and global analysis.

Application Note: Detection of Singlet Oxygen by Photoluminescence Spectroscopy

In this application note, an FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer is used to characterise the PL spectrum and lifetime of singlet oxygen in solution. Different excitation sources and detectors are compared to determine the best FLS1000 configuration for singlet oxygen detection.

Application Note: API Identification Using FTIR Spectroscopy

How can FTIR spectroscopy be used to identify the active pharmaceutical ingredients in antihistamine medications?
Discover how we used the IR5 FTIR Spectrometer with an ATR attachment, to analyse commercially available tablets effectively.

What is FLIM?

An introduction to Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM) and how it works.

Time Correlated Single Photon Counting - Why use TCSPC for Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements?

Time Correlated Single-Photon Counting (TCSPC) is the method of choice for fluorescence lifetime measurements. This blog post follows an introduction to Time Correlated Single Photon Counting, which answers the question; What is TCSPC?

Application Note: Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence Confocal Imaging of an OLED

In this Application Note, the optoelectronic properties of an OLED device are mapped using an RMS1000 Confocal Raman Microscope in spectral and time-resolved photoluminescence and electroluminescence imaging modes. These techniques enable the characterisation of the OLED in much greater detail than is possible with bulk measurements.