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Application Note: Olive Oil Quality Assessment with UV-Vis Spectrophotometry

This application note shows how to assess olive oil quality and quantify adulterants using the DS5 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer.

Application Note: Spectra, Lifetime and Quantum Yield of Upconversion Nanoparticles

This Application Note demonstrates a complete upconversion luminescence characterisation of upconversion nanoparticles using the Edinburgh Instruments FS5 Spectrofluorometer. The flexible source, detector and sample module upgrade options of the FS5 enables upconversion spectral, lifetime and quantum yield measurements to be performed in a single compact instrument.

Application Note: NIR and MIR Photoluminescence Spectra and Lifetime of an Er3+ Glass

This Application Note highlights how the FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer can be optimised for spectral and lifetime measurements in the NIR/MIR spectral region for measuring an Er-based fluoride glass using a 980 nm laser diode and a MIR InAs-3100 detector.

Application Note: Raman Mapping of Layer Number, Strain, and Structural Defects in Graphene

In this Application Note, the capability of the RM5 and Ramacle® software for graphene analysis is demonstrated by mapping the layer number, strain, and defects on graphene films.

Application Note: Transient Absorption and Singlet Oxygen Phosphorescence of Rose Bengal Photosensitiser

This application note shows how to characterise the triplet state of a common photosensitiser, rose bengal, as well as singlet oxygen phosphorescence using the same instrument, the LP980 Transient Absorption Spectrometer.

People of Edinburgh Instruments - CJ Seller

We chatted with CJ Seller, Head of Marketing here at Edinburgh Instruments, to find more about her and her role here. At Edinburgh Instruments, we are proud of all our employees for all they do behind the scenes, so we thought it was time to put them in the spotlight. This series does exactly that!

Research Highlight: Identifying Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Upconversion Loss Mechanisms Using Transient Absorption and Photoluminescence Spectroscopy

This Research Highlight focuses on the results published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society of our customers from Sweden. The researchers used the FLS1000 photoluminescence and LP980 transient absorption spectrometers to facilitate their research on exploring mechanisms for more efficient photon-upconversion.

Application Note: Angle-Resolved Polarised Raman Microscopy for Determining the Orientation of Carbon Nanotubes

This Application Note demonstrates how the alignment of carbon nanotube architectures can be probed using angle-polarised Raman microscopy with the Edinburgh Instruments RM5

Research Highlight: Temperature Dependent Photoluminescence and Transient Absorption of Organic Co-crystals

This application note highlights the recently published results in Nature Communications of our customers from India who used the FLS-series photoluminescence and the LP980 transient absorption spectrometers to facilitate their research.

Application Note: Raman Microscopy for Pharmaceutical Analysis

This application note, Raman Microscopy for Pharmaceutical Analysis, gives a complete overview of the pharmaceutical applications of the RM5 and RMS1000 Confocal Raman Microscopes.