PhotoIUPAC 2018 | Photochemistry Exhibition | Transient Absorption

PhotoIUPAC 2018 Conference, Ireland.

The PhotoIUPAC 2018 International Symposium on Photochemistry was held at University College, Dublin in July. Attended by Our EMEA Sales Manager Hervé Boisson and our Product Specialist Maria Tesa, the event was a great success with hundreds of delegates from across the globe presenting high-quality scientific research. The topics covered all aspects of photochemistry; from the fundamental mechanisms behind light activated processes to the applications of light-responsive materials in fields such as sensors, photoswitches, photodynamic therapy, and photovoltaic devices.

The wide range of subjects was reflected in the choice of plenary speakers: some of them such as Michael Grätzel or Laura Herz are world leaders in solar cell research; whereas others such as Thorsten Bach are focused on photocatalised chemical synthesis. Edinburgh Instruments sponsored a plenary lecture by Prof. Tetsuro Majima (Osaka University). Prof. Majima’s lecture focused on the development of more efficient catalysts for water splitting. This is achieved with black phosphorus and carbon nitride hybrids that enhance the absorption of solar radiation at long wavelengths.

The rest of the presentations were also of the highest standard. It was great to see so many talks and posters involving Edinburgh Instruments products and meet the researchers using them. Our poster on the LP980 transient absorption spectrometer presented some new configuration options and application examples. The audience showed interest in accessories such as the internal energy meters and the photon-counting upgrade. The energy meters enable monitoring the energy of the laser pump beam in every shot, which is recommended for samples sensitive to photobleaching. The photon counting upgrade introduces multi-channel scaling (MCS) capability in the LP980 and enables the acquisition of phosphorescence decays with photon counting sensitivity. This, in combination with a near-infrared PMT detector, is particularly useful for singlet oxygen detection. Singlet oxygen luminescence is of great importance in photodynamic therapy (PDT), which was the subject of many presentations at PhotoIUPAC.

Configuration and Applications of Transient Absorption Instruments

PhotoIUPAC 2018, poster on uses of LP980 transient absorption spectrometer

Transient Absorption (TA) in the nanosecond-second range is a pump-probe spectroscopic technique for studying light-induced processes:

  • Excited State Lifetimes
  • Short-Lived Intermediates
  • Reaction Kinetics

Dr. Maria Tesa’s poster presents common application examples and the recommended instrument configuration for each one. Download the complete Configurations and Configurations and Applications of Transient Absorption Instruments as a pdf.

LP980 Spectrometer

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