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Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of a White-Light Emitting Perovskite Structure

Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of a White-Light Emitting Perovskite Structure. Application Note for downloading.We are pleased to share our latest application note, “Photoluminescence Spectroscopy of a White-Light Emitting Perovskite Structure”. In this latest research, we study the photoluminescence properties of a perovskite light emitter using the FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

Hybrid organic-inorganic halide perovskite semiconductors show excellent promise as optoelectronic devices due to their high performance, solution processability, low cost and tunability. They have received widespread attention as light harvesters in photovoltaic cells thanks to the rapid rise of cell efficiencies and their potential of providing high efficiency low cost solar power. In addition to their remarkable photovoltaic performance, halide perovskites have also been found to have excellent light emitting properties and are being extensively researched as a new class of solid-state light emitters.

In this note the CIE colour coordinates and the excited state lifetimes of a promising white light emitting perovskite structure, (DMEN)PbBr4, are measured using the FLS1000. These measurements were performed in collaboration with the Kanatzidis group at Northwestern University who synthesised the , (DMEN) PbBr4 sample.

Photoluminescence Spectroscopy Application Note

Download our application note: Photoluminescence spectroscopy of a white light emitting perovskite structure .

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