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Research Articles on Fluorescence – July 2018

Our customers have had some great research articles published over the past month. Here are some of the best from July.

Origin of Positive Aging in Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes

Qiang Su, Yizhe Sub, Heng Zhang, & Shuming Chen
Advanced Science
 FS5 Spectrofluorometer

Nano-Photosensitizer Based on Layered Double Hydroxide and Isophthalic Acid for Singlet Oxygenation and Photodynamic Therapy

Rui Gao, Xuan Mei, Dongpeng Yan, Ruizheng Liang & Min Wei
Nature Communications
FLS980 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

Bioinspired Hybrid Protein Oxygen Nanocarrier Amplified Photodynamic Therapy for Eliciting Anti-Tumor Immunity and Abscopal Effect

Zhikuan Chen, Lanlan Liu, Ruijing Liang, Zhenyu Luo, Huamei He, Zhihao Wu, Hao Tian, Mingbin Zheng, Yifan Ma, & Lintao Cai
ACS Nano
FLS920 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

Long-Term in Vivo Biodistribution and Toxicity Study of Functionalized Near-Infrared Persistent Luminescence Nanoparticles

Xia Sun, Junpeng Shi, Xiaoyan Fu, Yi Yang & Hongwu Zhang
Scientific Reports
FLS920 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

Red Organic Light-Emitting Diode with External Quantum Efficiency beyond 20 Based on a Novel Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitter

Jia-Xiong Chen, Kai Wang, Cai-Jun Zheng, Ming Zhang, Yi-Zhing Shi, Si-Lu Tao, Hui Lin, Wei Liu, Wen-Wen Tao, Xue-Mei Ou, & Xiao-Hong Zhang
Advanced Science
FLS980 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

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