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Supplied by our Photonics Division, we design and manufacture a range of spectrometers that use sophisticated fluorescence techniques to unlock the details of the most demanding applications. Our experience in pioneering developments in fluorescence spectroscopy is second to none, stretching over 35 years with almost 1000 systems installed in Universities and leading research laboratories worldwide.

Designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for fast, accurate and reliable measurements, the modular architecture of our spectrometers gives you the choice and flexibility to build a system to suit your application. The pedigree of our products guarantees you receive the highest performance and the highest specifications. 


FS5 Fluorescence Spectrofluorometer The FS5 Fluorescence, Spectrofluorometer (Steady State, Lifetime, Phosphorescence) 
FLS980 Spectrofluorometer  The FLS980 Fluorescence, Spectrometer (Steady State, Lifetime, Phosphorescence)  
The LP980 Laser Flash Photolysis Transient Absorption Spectrometer
Life Spec II Fluorescence Spectrometer

The LifeSpec II dedicated Fluorescence Spectrometer (Lifetime Only) 

Mini-Tau low cost Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometere


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Lasers & LEDs

PL Series CO and CO2 Laser The PL Series of continuous wave (CW), grating tuned, infrared gas lasers
MTL-5 TEA CO Laser

The MTL-5 is a compact, user-friendly, bench-top TEA (Transverse Excited Atmospheric Pressure) pumped CO2 Laser.

FIR Optically pumped lasers FIR Series (Far Infrared Lasers/Terahertz) optically pumped lasers
EPL Picosecond lasers

The EPL picosecond pulsed diode lasers are a new excitation source for fluorescence lifetime measurements that bridge the gap between the nanosecond flashlamp and expensive mode locked Titanium Sapphire femtosecond lasers.


EPLED Pulsed LED Light Sources The EPLED range of sub-nanosecond pulsed LED light sources are ideal excitation sources for a wide range of spectroscopy applications as well as being stand-alone modules.
In addition to developing and manufacturing our own products, Edinburgh Photonics distributes and supports, on behalf of other manufacturers, various types of CO2 Lasers, DPSS lasers, Titanium Sapphire lasers, measurement systems for femtosecond (fs) kinetic spectroscopy, a wide range of diode lasers, laser diode modules and diagnostic instruments for Terahertz applications.

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OEM Gas Sensors

Supplied by our Sensors Division, Edinburgh Sensors, our existing products support a wide range of market segments and applications including biogas, brewing, process control, gas delivery, industrial manufacturing, personal safety, process control, and horticulture and landfill gas measurement by detecting and measuring the following gases: Carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide and refrigerants.

Our range of gas sensors are available in either OEM format for integration into a customer system or as a complete monitor providing simple continuous monitoring and control of gas concentration levels.


Gascard NG Gascard NG -. An OEM sensor offering quality detection and measurement for CO2, CO, and CH4. It includes real-time temperature and atmospheric pressure correction via onboard sensors and has the flexibility to incorporate additional gas detection technologies.

GasCheck - A series of low cost CO2 sensors that offer high accuracy, good long term stability, negligible cross sensitivity, small size and low power requirement. The GasCheck family includes instruments to measure CO2 in the ranges 0-3000ppm, 0-3% or 0-10% by volume.



The IRgaskiT® - An infrared gas sensor is designed for integration into a wide range of systems where fast, accurate and reliable measurement of CO2 and CH4 methane gas concentrations is required.


Chillcard NG

Chillcard NG - A high performance dual wavelength infrared gas sensor for accurate and reliable measurements of refrigerants R-22, R-125 & R-134a at levels of 0-3000ppm, SF6 at 0-2000 ppm and N2O at 1000 ppm.


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Gas Monitors

Guardian NG

Guardian NG - Infrared gas monitors offer near-analyser quality, continuous sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations. The ‘Guardian NG’ range provides high accuracy detection and measurement of either CO2 or CH4 gases, where detection level ranges of between 0 – 3000ppm and 0 – 100% by volume are required.



Monitoring and controlling indoor air quality is very important to ensure a healthy and safe living and working environment. IAQ is a comprehensive index, including room temperature, humidity, fresh air and a diverse range of low concentrations of air contaminants. The measurement of indoor air quality has, conventionally, been used for comfort control and the prevention of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).


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