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Raman Spectroscopy - Capabilities Beyond Raman



Providing world-class Molecular Spectroscopy solutions for over 50 years, Edinburgh Instruments precision Raman microscopes offer the highest quality and sensitivity instruments.

RMS1000 Research Grade Microscope

Extending capabilities beyond Raman, the RMS1000 confocal Raman Microscope stands alone in both specification and ease of use. Applications beyond Raman such as time-resolved fluorescence microscopy and fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) are all possible with the versatile RMS1000. An open architecture research grade microscope, it can be adapted to almost any modern, state-of-the-art Raman application.

RM5 Analytical & Research Grade Raman Microscope

A fully automated and fully integrated Raman microscope for analytical and research purposes, the RM5 with its truly confocal design is unique to the market. It offers uncompromised spectral resolution, spatial resolution and sensitivity.

Discover the capabilities of our Raman Microscopes

Ramacle® Software Highlight: Surface Mapping

The Surface Mapping feature of Ramacle® enables the user to analyse difficult samples with rough and uneven surfaces by keeping the laser perfectly focused on the sample surface throughout the Raman map.

Surface Mapping enables the user to obtain high quality Raman maps from rough and uneven sample surfaces. Whilst this example focuses on a Raman Surface Map, Surface Mapping can be used with our FLIM upgrade on the RMS1000 Raman and Photoluminescence Microscope, and with our Micro-PL upgrade for the FS5 and FLS1000 spectrofluorometers.

Pricing and Enquiries

For pricing and further information on our Raman Microscopes, simply contact a member of our sales team at sales@edinst.com. We look forward to helping you with your Raman requirements.