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Lenses and Couplers

Lenses and Couplers

  • LENS-COL is a collimating lens for the VIS-NIR ranges.
  • LENS-QCOL is a collimating lens for the UV-VIS-NIR ranges.
  • SMA-Coupler allows accessories, such as collimating lenses or cosine receptors, to attach directly to a spectrometer without the need for fiber  optic cables.
  • Splice Bushing is used to adjoin two fiber optic cables together.
  • SMA-FC is and adapter used to adjoin optical components with different connection types, SMA-905 and FC.
  • SMA-C-Mount to SMA-905 adapter allows connection of the spectrometer to  other optical devices such as microscopes and telescopes.
  • VFT is fiber optic Vacuum Feed Through, 600 micron UV/VIS, mounted on a 275″ CF Flange with male SMA-905 connectors on each end. Other options available