FAST Software - Advanced Fluorescence Lifetime Analysis
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Advanced FAST Software

Advanced FAST Software

FAST (Fluorescence Analysis Software Technology) was written for the advanced analysis of fluorescence and phosphorescence decay kinetics.

This software package sets new standards in precision, robustness and speed of data acquisition.

FAST is an add-on to the Fluoracle and F980 (predecessor to Fluoracle) software packages and provides advanced analysis tools for photoluminescence decay kinetics not provided as standard

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Product Description

kineticsFor the advanced analysis of fluorescence and phosphorescence decay kinetics, Edinburgh Instruments offers the FAST Software package. FAST provides unsurpassed accuracy and fits that are 100% convergent.

FAST contains a library of advanced data reconvolution and curve fitting routines based on proprietary data processing algorithms, which in both speed and reliability surpass the conventional Marquardt-Levenberg algorithm.

The user can have complete confidence in the quality and reproducibility of the analysed data as it has been comprehensively tested with real and simulated data for validation. Despite the sophisticated and challenging analysis models, FAST is easy to operate, with an intuitive and user friendly interface. A wide range of data input, on screen visualisation, hardcopy and clipboard facilities are available.

Experimental data can be analysed one at a time or in batch mode. The latter is particular useful for larger data sets such as in assay development and screening.discrete-component-graph

The variety of analysis models comprises:

– Discrete Component Analysis of up to 4 exponential terms with no initial estimates required

– Distribution of Lifetime Analysis with a “grid” of up to 200 lifetimes

– Global Lifetime Analysis for data file formats and fit parameter options

– Stretched Exponential Component Analysis

– Förster Kinetics and Micellar Quenching

– 5 different Time-Resolved Fluorescence Anisotropy decay models

Technical Specifications

Advanced Analysis Tools of FAST (not provided as standard)
Lifetime distribution analysis
Exponential components analysis
Support plane analysis for the calculation of lifetime confidence intervals
Global exponential components analysis
Stretched exponential components analysis
Förster kinetics analysis
Micellar quenching kinetics analysis
Analysis of time resolved fluorescence anisotropy kinetics