Scholarship Awards | Southern University Science & Technology | China

Techcomp Scholarship Awards for Southern University of Science and Technology, China.

This year Techcomp and Edinburgh Instruments were delighted to launch new Scholarship Awards for the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUST) in Shenzen, China. The awards recognise the outstanding achievements of undergraduate and graduate students within the fields of photochemical and photophysics research work.

On 29th May 2018 the first Techcomp and Edinburgh Instruments Education Scholarship award ceremony was held at the university with Dr. Roger Fenske, CEO of Edinburgh Instruments and Ms. Zhang Hairong, Vice President of Techcomp presenting the awards to winners. The ceremony was presided by Prof. Limin Huang, Deputy Director of Chemistry and Prof. Keith Man-Chung Wong, Associate Professor.

Prof. Keith Man-Chung Wong, Associate professor of chemistry department, SUST addresses students and professors.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Techcomp, Ms Zhang outlined the development of Techcomp over the years and expressed thanks for the continued support of their valued users. She highlighted that it was a great honour to introduce the scholarship program.  It is hoped that the program will encourage students to achieve their personal best within their chosen fields of study.

Mz Zhang Hairong, Techcomp VP Techcomp addresses Professors and Students at photochemical and photophysics Scholarship Awards, China.

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Dr. Roger Fenske also addressed attendees. He said that he was pleased to cooperate with a number of labs within the fields of photophysics and that it was a privilege to be able to make a contribution towards further education. Founded in 1971, Edinburgh Instruments has made great inroads in the testing of photoluminescence. The company has developed a variety of advanced instruments used in scientific research such as fluorescence, phosphorescence lifetime measurements and transient absorption which is widely used in materials science, pharmaceutical chemistry, analytical chemistry and photochemistry.

Dr. Roger Fenske addresses students at the SUST Scholarship Awards, China.

Also speaking at the event was Prof. Limin Huang, Deputy Director of Chemistry. He expressed his thanks to Techcomp and Edinburgh Instruments for their strong support with regards to both research and education and looked forward to further collaborations.

Professor Limin Huang, addresses the audience at Southern University of Science and Technology Scholarship Awards, China.

Speaking on behalf of the award-winning graduate students and undergraduates, Tian Yu and Guo Xing thanked Edinburgh Instruments and Techcomp for their support and investment in the students’ education and the opportunity that this provided for their future careers.