Techcomp Beijing have Moved to a New Home! | New Office in Beijing

Techcomp Beijing have Moved to a New Home!

Techcomp Beijing are delighted to announce their move to new offices in the city. This will enable the business to facilitate new strategic development plans.

Accompanied by all staff, Ms Zhanghairong, the vice president of TIL, and the vice president of Techcomp Scientific Limited, hosted a welcome ceremony and celebrated the move to the new office with a traditional ribbon cutting service.















Contact details are shown below. Techcomp Beijing looks forward to hearing from customers and business partners from their new home.

Techcomp Instruments Ltd. (TIL) are now located at:

4th Floor – Tower 1
AVIC Technology Building
58 Beiyuan Road
Chaoyang District

Main telephone: +86-10-64010651
Customer service hotline: 4008107898