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Choosing Detectors for your FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

The FLS1000 Photoluminescence Spectrometer can be equipped with up to 5 different detectors (8 if two emission monochromators are present), and there is a wide range to choose from including analogue, high-speed detectors or NIR-sensitive photomultiplier tubes (PMTs). In this blog post we help you to select the best photomultiplier detector for your application, either when you first buy an instrument or when you are considering an upgrade.

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Data Table: Fluorescence Lifetime Standards

Fluorescence Lifetime Standards Data Table

Fluorescence lifetime standards are useful for checking the calibration of fluorescence lifetime spectrometers and accounting for the possible wavelength dependent response of detectors. View our handy guide to Fluorescence Lifetime Standards.

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Emission Correction in a Fluorescence Spectrometer

When fluorescence spectra are measured in Edinburgh Instruments fluorescence spectrometers, two types of correction can be applied to the spectra; excitation and emission correction. In this blog post we focus on the role of emission correction and discuss why it is required, how it is implemented, and the effect it has on the shape of fluorescence spectra.

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Fluorescent Flowers – Competition

Competition Time: Australian scientists have given this popular flower a fluorescent flair with a magical spritz. Win a bag bursting with Edinburgh Instruments goodies in this month’s easy to enter competition.

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