Photonics Material Forum | Zhejiang University | China

Edinburgh Instruments and Techcomp China participate in Photonic Materials Forum at Zheijang University

Dr. Roger Fenske, the CEO of Edinburgh Instruments, was delighted to be invited to the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Zhejiang University in May to commemorate their 40th anniversary. To mark the occasion and in order to promote academic frontier exchanges and the development of advanced material research, the School held the third “International Symposium on Advanced Microstructure and Properties of Materials” from 25th – 29th May 2018.

Photonics Material Forum

Edinburgh Instrument's, Dr. Roger Fenske, presents at the Photonics Material Forum at Zhejiang University, China in the School of Materials Science and Engineering.

As a premier manufacturer of high-end fluorescence spectrometers designed and manufactured in the UK, Edinburgh Instruments, a Techcomp company, was delighted to sponsor and participate in the photonics material forum at the Symposium. The forum is devoted to in-depth discussions and exchanges on basic scientific issues and applied technologies in the field of photonics material. It provides an opportunity to discuss the most recent frontiers and demonstrate innovative achievements in technology, production and research.

During the conference Dr. Fenske shared the latest application technology and solutions provided by Edinburgh Instruments in the field of photonics material. This attracted further interest from professors who subsequently visited the Techcomp booth for consultation and more in-depth discussion.

By active participation at the event and via knowledge exchange and discussion with scientific researchers, experts and peers, Techcomp and Edinburgh Instruments hope to boost the rapid development of the advanced material industry. The photonics material forum also provides an excellent platform to demonstrate their support of photonic material development whilst highlighting their progression and strength in the field of photonic material analysis.

Edinburgh Instruments Photonics Research

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