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Workshop on the Photoluminescence Analysis of Photoactive Materials

We are delighted to announce that we will be sponsoring a workshop on the photoluminescence analysis of photoactice materials at Swansea University on 23rd May.

Photoluminescence spectroscopy is a powerful tool to analyse material’s response to light absorption and estimate bandgap energy, excited state lifetimes, charge transfer reactions and electron diffusion in crystals, films and solutions. It is widely used for the development of a broad range of technologies ranging from bio-labelling to semiconductors. This half-day workshop will cover the fundamental principles of photoluminescence spectroscopy techniques and provide a practical training session on the equipment available at SPECIFIC IKC. Experts from Edinburgh Instruments Ltd along with researchers from Swansea University will deliver a series of engaging seminars aiming to bring together researchers across the university with a potential interest in using photoluminescence techniques for their research.



23rd May 2019, 9.30am-2pm


Swansea University, Bay Campus, The College, Room 019


Dr Stoichko Dimitrov


9.00-9.30Arrive & Coffee
Session 1Photoluminescence
9.30-10.00'Introduction to Fluorescence', Dr Tesa (Edinst Ltd.)
10.00-10.20'Measuring photoluminescence lifetimes of Perovskite photovoltaics', Matteo Collombo, M2A MSc
10.20-10.40'Photoluminescence kinetic analysis of Perovskite photovoltaics', Emanuel Pean, (Photochemistry Group)
10.40-11.00Coffee Break
Session 2Applications of Photoluminescence
11.10-11.30Application of Photoluminescence spectroscopy from bio to semiconductor material research, Dr Tesa (Edinst Ltd.)
11.30-11.50'TBA' Dr Drew RIley (Ser Sam, Physics Department)
11.50-12.10Photoluminescence spectroscopy analysis: from DNA to conjugated polymers. Dr Stoichko Dimitrov
Session 3Training on Photoluminescence Spectral, quantum yield & Lifetime Measurements
13.00-13.40Training Session 1, Dr Maria Tesa (Edinburgh Instruments)
13.40-14.20Training Session 2, Dr Maria Tesa (Edinburgh Instruments)