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Meet Edinburgh Instruments’ 2019 Summer Students…

At Edinburgh Instruments we understand the importance of investing in our future generation, many of whom will become tomorrow’s scientists, engineers and leaders.

This is why each summer we welcome a selection of aspiring young students from local universities who spend time gaining valuable hands-on work experience. They’re working in the labs and the offices across different areas of the company, from development to marketing.

This year it has been an exciting summer for our ambitious youngsters. We thought we would let them introduce themselves and share the abundance of essential skills which they have learnt and developed during their time with us.  We hope that this experience will contribute towards their growth and preparation to enter the world of work.

Name: Ewan Farr  

Studies: will study Chemical Engineering at Herriot-Watt University 

Age: 18  

From: Livingston, Scotland  

Hobbies: Playing hockey and running

Goals for the future: To work in organic chemistry, perhaps in oil and gas

Ewan has loved working in our applications team at the Techcomp Research and Engineering Centre (TREC), where he has been testing the DS5 and compiling and analysing results.  He has also spent some time in the lab, preparing and making solutions. Ewan has learned a lot about UV-VIS Spectrophotometry, the DS5, and the chemistry and physics behind it all, as well as about data handling while spending time working with results in excel. Ewan has really enjoyed working at Edinburgh Instruments, saying ‘getting to know everyone here has been really good and I’ve also enjoyed working in an environment similar to what I hope to end up in after university’.



Name:  Laura Nather

Studies: Biochemistry at St Andrews University

Age: 19

From: Livingston, Scotland

Hobbies: Hiking, cycling and travelling

Future Goals: Using her love of science to help people 

Laura is spending the summer in the Edinburgh Instruments Stores and Applications Department. She has been busy picking in stores and performing lab work such as running measurements and making solutions. She has enjoyed her hands-on work experience and learning about how a company runs in general and what goes on behind the scenes at EI!

Name: David Gakamsky          

Studies: Computing Science at Herriot-Watt University

Age: 18  

From: Livingston, Scotland  

Hobbies: Reading, playing video games and graphical design  

Future Goals: Doesn’t know yet!

David’s work at Edinburgh Instruments has been based in customer support, assisting the update of software user-help and testing Slit Jig. Throughout this experience he has learned the philosophy behind successful customer help, including the factors necessary for help to be functional and assist the user, as well as the necessities for technical writing.

Name: Harriet O’Connor

Studies: Geography at The University of Edinburgh

Age: 19

From: Cambridge, England  

Hobbies: Spending time with friends, travelling and going to the gym

Future Goals: Go into Marketing or Journalism

Harriet worked at Edinburgh Instruments last summer and enjoyed it so much that she has continued as a part-time Marketing Assistant throughout the year and is now back for another summer! Her daily tasks involve updating the company’s social media, researching and writing blog posts and website maintenance. She has gained valuable experience such as developing her writing skills, learning about many aspects of marketing and discovering the inner workings of an international company. She has also undergone SEO training and can take credit for many key search terms bringing the various group company web pages to page one of Google.

Name: Daniella Gakamsky  

Studies: Chemical Physics at The University of Edinburgh

Age: 18

From: Livingston, Scotland  

Hobbies: Reading, jogging and medieval re-enactment

Future Goals: To make good use of her degree and help people

Daniella is another of our returning summer students. She has been working in the purchasing department, with her daily tasks including communicating with suppliers, keeping up with paperwork and placing orders. The experience has taught her how to pay attention to detail, how to prioritise responsibilities and the importance of fully completing every task.

Name: Camille Roux  

Studies: Communications at a College in Lyon

Age: 17

From: Lyon, France

Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family and watching movies

Future Goals: Work in communication and organise events

Camille spent three weeks at the company, visiting from France. She enjoyed her time in the Edinburgh Instruments marketing department where she assisted with social media activities and some graphic design. She then moved over to our sister company, Scion, where was able to use her translation skills for our on-line partner portal. She has gained an insight into the activities undertaken by the marketing department and improved her English skills.

Name: Daniel Lynas  

Studies: Physics at Herriot-Watt University

Age: 22  

From: Livingston, Scotland  

Hobbies: Reading and watching movies

Future Goals: Become a Photonics Engineer

Daniel enjoyed his time at Edinburgh Instruments last summer and has been happy to return. He has been working in the development building testing grating turrets and photomultiplier tubes, which has given him an understanding of the challenges and solutions involved in an industrial company.


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