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UV-VIS-NIR Combo - High Power

UV-VIS-NIR Combo - High Power

  • The high power SL1-Filter Halogen lamp and the SL3 Deuterium lamp with DCX lens installed can easily be coupled with a fiber optic Y-bundled fiber to provide high output, stable UV-VIS-NIR light, 200 nm -2300 nm, with long bulb lifetime
  • The F400-YBNIRUV-SR is an armored 400 um fibre optic Y cable bundle that is 0.5 meter, solarization resistant, and is specially designed to connect the SL1 and SL3 lamps
  • D-alpha line (654 nm) eliminated in deuterium source by adding a U330 filter to the nosecone of the SL3 light source**Note- this product is recommended for applications that require high output power (e.g. reflectance) and do not require demanding portability or size characteristics. Bulb life and robust design are the the main advantages over SL4