Combined Fluorescence and Measurement Techniques | Edinburgh Instruments

Combined Techniques

Edinburgh Instruments manufacture precision instrumentation that can carry out a variety of different types of measurement techniques.

Please refer to the matrix below to determine what measurement technique is achievable with each instrument.

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  Time-Resolved Fluorescence Steady-State Fluorescence Phosphorescence Lifetime Steady-State Absorption Transient Absorption Raman Spectroscopy
FLS1000 Fluorescence Spectrometer
FS5 Spectrofluorometer
LP980 Transient Absorption Spectrometer
RM5 Raman Microscope
RMS1000 Raman Microscope
LifeSpec II Dedicated Lifetime Spectrometer
Mini-tau Dedicated Lifetime Spectrometer
DS5 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
IR5 FTIR Spectrophotometer