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Raman Spectrometers

Raman Spectrometers

  • Raman spectrometers are ruggedized miniature spectrometers configured specifically for Raman
    spectroscopy applications using 785nm lasers
  • Enhanced optics allow for extreme sensitivity and extra low stray light values down to 0.05%
  • High Resolution models available down to 4cm-1 with options for maintaining S/N with TEC cooling
  • Compact size & seriously rugged for portable and field applications. Metal enclosures are extremely durable

Product Description

These compact raman spectrometers perform quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid, or powder samples.

The micro Raman spectrometers include enhanced CCD array detectors for 785 nm Raman & 532 nm Raman (other wavelengths available on request) or cooled InGaAs photodiode arrays for 1064 nm Raman where interference from sample fluorescence is minimized and virtually non-existent.

These Raman spectrometers have no moving parts and are permanently aligned for shock-proof durability.  SMA-905 optical input to spectrometer allows attachment of Raman probes or fiber optic sample accessories.