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Metrology Accessories

Metrology Accessories

Transmission Fixtures

  • TXF-1 Transmission Fixture includes 2 UV grade collimating lenses, aligned and fixed 1cm pathlength.
  • TXF-4 includes two collimating lenses which allows the sample to be oriented vertically, the standard fixture allows a variable pathlength from 0 to 7cm. Custom posts available
  • TXF-IC2 Vertical transmission fixture with variable path length, includes 1 collimating lens and 1 miniature 2″ integrating sphere with 5/8″ port.

Reflectance Fixtures

  • RFX-1 reflectance fixture with integrated 10 watt halogen bulb for VIS-NIR.
  • RFX-2 reflectance fixture with integrated 10,000 hour 5 watt halogen bulb for VIS-NIR.
  • RFX-3D reflectance from 3 positions is combined using special 3-to-1 fibre for spectrometer.