Temperature Dependence of Phosphors via Thermoluminescence

Temperature Dependence of Phosphors via Photoluminescence and Thermoluminescence Spectroscopy

Phosphors coatings are used in a wide variety of consumer products, such as discharge lamps, light emitting diodes, and displays.  Their light emitting properties are connected to the structure and the interaction of the active ions with the lattice. Moreover, vibrations in the lattice are sensitive to environmental temperature changes. In this application note, the temperature dependence of a phosphor widely used in plasma displays, Hg and Xe discharge lamps, is studied using photoluminescence and thermally activated luminescence or often called thermoluminescence spectroscopy.

Phosphor photoluminescence temperature - thermoluminescence

Figure 1: Photoluminescence spectra of BaMgAlO : Eu phosphor upon 255 nm excitation from 120 K to 480 K

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Temperature Dependence of Phosphors via Photo-and Thermo-Luminescence

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