ICFE | Conference on f Elements

ICFE 2023 | Edinburgh Instruments to attend in Strasbourg, France

22 – 26 August, France

We are pleased to announce that Edinburgh Instruments will be attending the 11th International Conference on f Elements (ICFE-11) which will be taking place from August 22 – 26 2023 in Strasbourg, France.

ICFE conferences are devoted to all aspects of research around lanthanide and actinide elements featuring a very broad scope of disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, waste recycling, and geology.

If you are planning to attend ICFE, then why not arrange a time to speak with our team who will be on hand throughout the event. Please contact us at sales@edinst.com to arrange a time.

Find out more about ICFE 2023…

If you are interested in attending ICFE 2023, please visit the official website for more information. Registration for the event is now open.