Edinburgh Instruments to attend 27th PhotoIUPAC | Dublin, Ireland

27th PhotoIUPAC- International Symposium on Photochemistry

University College Dublin

Dublin 4, Ireland

Additional Information:
We are delighted to announce that we will be attending the 27th PhotoIUPAC in Dublin from the 8th to the 13th of July.

„The scientific topics to be covered in the Symposium include areas of unparalleled impact in the world today: renewable energy sources, green chemistry, atmospheric photochemistry, single molecule microscopy and super resolution imaging. The latter are key for biosceinces and trace analysis of proteins, nucleic acids, and small bioregulators. With more efficient light sources and means to collect solar energy, there is an on-going resurgence in the development of photochemical reactions using flow process, which are beginning to make an impact in an industrial context. This will be an excellent opportunity to engage scientists from pharmaceutical, materials, and other industries. The symposium will also cover advanced spectroscopic methods with increased time and space resolution and methods for analysing complex samples.“

„The IUPAC symposium brings together many of the world experts in various scientific areas and strongly encourages the participation of younger scientists, postdocs, and students.“

Our Product Specialist, Maria Tesa, PhD. will be presenting her research on Configurations and Applications of Commercial Flash Photolysis, and will be exhibiting alongside our EMEA Sales Manager, Hervé Boisson.

To arrange an appointment, please contact Hervé at herve.boisson@edinst.com.

To view the programme, click here.

We look forward to seeing you there.