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People of Edinburgh Instruments – CJ Seller

Here at Edinburgh Instruments, we are proud of all our employees for all they do behind the scenes, so we thought it was time to put them in the spotlight. This series does exactly that; you get a sneak peek into what drives, excites and enamours our team. We hope you enjoy it!

Lets get into it…

Meet CJ (Claire-Jayne), Head of Marketing. The mastermind behind the brand’s voice. CJs vision pushes the company to another level and ensures the team continues to run smoothly. And not to mention her fabulous outfits!  

So, what makes you, you? 

I think it’s my high energy, drive and my passion for growth and change. I don’t take myself too seriously and I am happy to have a laugh and fun along the way, but I enjoy my work and love a challenge.  

What does your typical day in the life look like? 

My typical day starts off with going through emails and catching up on team’s messages and if need be, I use the mornings to rectify and solve any issues that have come up – as a global company other have been awake while we sleep! 

I have a keen eye for staying on track of our strategic goals, so I tend to check in most mornings with our KPIs on our board. I usually have a lot of meetings so most days I will be in meetings for a few hours, including biweekly one to ones with my Marketing team. If not, I will be working on the marketing strategy or working with my colleagues in sales and apps for future content. I also keep an eye on advertising and budgeting, but every day is different! I love the versatility that Marketing roles offer. 

Tell us about your journey that got you to where you are now?  

I completed my undergraduate degree in Media and Advertising at UEL (University of East London) and then went on to do a Postgraduate degree in Strategic Project Management at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh. I then started off in the PR and music industry at my first graduate job but after thinking this would be my dream industry to work in, I realised that it wasn’t for me. I then moved up to Scotland and fell in love with the tourism sector and worked in various NGOs, including the National Marketing organisation VisitScotland. Whilst working there, I was part of the International Marketing team. I really enjoyed this role as I got to do a lot of traveling and exciting projects, including the Commonwealth Torch procession and Disney’s Brave! I worked all over the world in places such as Russia, Europe, and North America which was so much fun.  

After this, I moved into the Higher Education sector, which was also fantastic, working with a huge variety of people, across industries and from all ages which was really rewarding. I continued in this sector for 7 years before joining Edinburgh Instruments.  

I find my experience and knowledge from the university sector compliments my work here as there’s a good scientific link. I have experience of working with esteemed research academics – I feel I understand how to motivate them to view commercial viability for academic work is beneficial. 

During your time here at EI, what have you enjoyed the most?  

So, I am now 9 months into my role here at Edinburgh Instruments and my favourite thing so far was probably writing out the Marketing tactical strategies. I’ve really enjoyed creating marketing strategies that will bring marketing activities for Edinburgh Instruments to the next level. 

I have also enjoyed learning about the products across the businesses. They are fascinating, and their applications are wide reaching which I have enjoyed discovering.  

Looking forward, what are you excited for? 

I am super excited about getting another team member, we are currently recruiting for a Digital Content officer – Job is live now, apply! (😉). It will be good to have the team a bit less stretched out and to see what we can do with the added resource. It will also be exciting to see what new ideas come from the candidate. I love hearing fresh ideas and different perspectives so this will be a good time for the team.  

Tell me about your hobbies and interests… 

I am an active runner! I mostly run socially, but I also do minor competitions to get some bling to amuse my kids.  My favourite runs are trail runs, I really just run to keep me fit, healthy and it makes me happy. Water sports are also a hobby of mine, I own a paddle board and kayak and love wild swimming in Scotland. I have two children and they have many sporting pursuits, so I also love being on the sideline and being their personal cheerleader!  

Now for a little fun… 

What was your first ever job? 

When I was 15, I worked in a little shoe shop and got paid £1.20 an hour (that shows my age!) and I worked there for 6 months! My first ever professional job was working for a record label.  

What is top of your bucket list? 

Costa Rica! I want to visit Costa Rica at one point as I am a huge fan of Central America having been there before, it made me want to go explore more of the continent.   

Top 5 movies: 

  1. Gladiator 
  2. Anything by Guillermo Del Toro (cheating I know!)  
  3. Edward scissor hands – Tim burton 
  4. StarWars – A new hope  
  5. And The Joker  


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