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Sample Measurement Modules

Temperature Control Options

Temperature control options are available to suit every need. These include:

A closed cycle water/coolant bath used with water cooled sample holders. The temperature range is -10°C to +100°C.

A variety of TE Cooled sample holders are available covering the standard range from -10°C to +105°C  or the extended range from -40°C to +150°C. Other equipment may be required to reach the extremes of the ranges. Multiple cuvettes can be simultaneous cooled with some of the options. Please contact Edinburgh Instruments for more information.

A liquid nitrogen dewar (quartz) in mounting collar with light tight seal. A sample rod, containing the sample, will be immersed into the liquid nitrogen bath thus cooling the sample to 77 K.

Liquid nitrogen and liquid helium cryostats are also available with ranges 77 K – 300 K and 3.4 K – 300 K. We also have extended versions which extend the temperature range to 500 K. The cryostats come with temperature controller, mounting flange and pedestal.

If you already have a cryostat it may be possible to integrate it with your spectrometer.

Stopped-Flow Accessory

This is a rapid kinetic accessory for multi-mixing capabilities. It comprises sample handling unit fitted with three 1 ml (multi-mixing) drive syringes, 600 mm long umbilical, manually operated drive, square mixing/observation cuvette with standard dimensions (10 mm path way).