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MTL-5 Mini-TEA CO2 Laser

MTL-5 Mini-TEA CO2 Laser

  • Manual Grating Tuned Option – 9.2 μm to 10.8 μm operation (>60 lines available)
  • Untuned Option – 10.6 μm operation (max. energy single-mode 80 mJ/pulse)
  • Untuned Option – 10.6 μm operation (max. energy multi-mode 150mJ/pulse)
  • 50 ns Pulse Width (typical)
  • High Repetition Rates, Single Shot – 100 Hz
  • Precision Grating Control

Product Description

The MTL-5 is a compact, user-friendly, bench-top TEA (Transverse Excited Atmospheric Pressure) pulsed CO2 Laser.

Featuring self-diagnostic testing and built-in, fail-safe mechanisms designed to monitor system performance and to support system integrity. The laser offers high-performance specifications for a variety of scientific and specialist applications.

The MTL-5 can be operated in either multi-mode or single mode (TEM00) configuration. Multi-mode output energy is rated at 150 mJ / pulse at 100 Hz.

The addition of a precisely selected aperture assembly enables single transverse mode operation. Laser output energy TEM00 single spatial mode operation without wavelength selection is rated at 80 mJ/pulse. This configuration is required for use with the manual tuned grating option. With manual grating tuned option output energy is 50 mJ/pulse.

The MTL-5 is supplied with a separate power supply that enables users to optimise space without compromising their experiments. The interconnection between the power supply and head has a known warranted lifetime.

An optional wavelength selection unit with precision grating control enables users to step tune easily between wavelengths.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Untuned – Multimode Untuned – TEM00 Tuned – TEM00
Output energy flowing gas 150 mJ 80 mJ 50 mJ
Wavelength c.a. 10.6 µm c.a. 10.6 µm 9.2 µm – 10.8 µm
Beam divergence 2 mR 1 mR 1 mR
Beam diameter 10 mm x 10 mm 6.0 mm 6.0 mm
Amplitude stability ±6% p-p ±6% p-p ±6% p-p
Pulse width c.a. 50 ns FWHM c.a. 50 ns FWHM c.a. 50 ns FWHM
Repetition rate Single shot to 100 Hz Single shot to 100 Hz Single shot to 100 Hz
Cavity length 29.5 cm 29.5 cm 38.5 cm
Dimensions (L) 39.8 cm 39.8 cm 58.0 cm
Excluding connectors (W) 20.0 cm 20.0 cm 20.0 cm
Excluding connectors (H) 22.5 cm 22.5 cm 22.5 cm
Weight 13.5 kg 13.5 kg 14.0 kg
Power supply dimensions (L) 51.0 cm 51.0 cm 51.0 cm
Power supply dimensions (W) 52.0 cm 52.0 cm 52.0 cm
Power supply dimensions (H) 17.0 cm 17.0 cm 17.0 cm
Weight 34.0 kg 34.0 kg 34.0 kg


Grating Tuned Option

Comprises of a diffraction grating in place of the total reflector and a broadband output coupler. Micrometer control of wavelength using new ultra-low backlash grating control mechanism, and 60 lines are selectable with 50 mJ on the strongest lines (with the TEM00 option). The new low backlash grating control mechanism allows tuning across 60 lines without the need for other corrective adjustments.

Gas Mixing Stations

These are designed to allow mixing and metering of up to 3 component gases from independent gas cylinders. Comprising of 3 inlet ports with individual flow meters or needle valves for gas mixing or gas flow operation.