Spectrometers: High Resolution Fibre Optic Spectrometer UV Vis

High Resolution Spectrometers

  • 200 nm – 1075 nm
  • Ultra high resolution spectrometer
  • Double resolution over standard models
  • Resolutions better than 0.1 nm can be achieved
  • Several units may be daisy chained together allowing simple configuration for dual and multi-beam process applications
  • High speed plug and play interface using USB2
High Resolution Spectrometers

The EPP2000-HR High Resolution fiber optic spectrometers are available in several low cost models for UV, VIS, and NIR applications.

The HR spectrometers have double the resolution over standard models with the same grating. The wavelength range is reduced by the same factor. Resolutions better than 0.1 nm can be achieved depending on selected model range, detector, and slit size.

Applications include wavelength monitoring and characterization for tunable lasers/LEDs and other sources such as elemental emissions from plasma & Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. Also, optical sensing of temperature, pressure, & position are enabled via Bragg grating technology.

Enquiries for High Resolution Spectrometers

For further information on our range of high resolution fibre optic spectrometers , or to enquire, please contact a member of our sales team at sales@edinst.com.