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Cuvette Holders and Flow Cells

Cuvette Holders and Flow Cells

  • CUV1 is a 4-way fibre optic cuvette holder used for transmission, absorbance, fluorescence, and colour measurements in liquids.
  •  CUV-F is a fibre optic cuvette holder for SL1-LED excitation with 2 collimating lens for measuring fluorescence.
  •  MFC is a mini flow cell with 10mm optical path length with fused silica windows.
  • MFFC is a mini fluorescence flow cell that has a fibre optic cable input to send excitation energy through a fused silica window into a 2 mm inner-diameter sample compartment.
  • CUV-TEMP is a temperature controlled cuvette holder for fluorescence and absorbance measurements from -30 °C to +105 °C.
  • QCV-5 Package of 5 Quartz cuvettes with 1 cm path length