Edinburgh Instruments sponsors (I-APS) Award in Photochemistry

I-APS Awards in Photochemistry Sponsorship

I-APS Award in Photochemistry Sponsored by Edinburgh Instruments

IAPS Award in Photochemistry

Prof. Felix Castellano (middle) accepting the 2020 I-APS Award in Photochemistry from Prof. Jim McCusker, I-APS President (right), with Edinburgh Instruments’ Application and Technology Scientist, Dr. Ian Stanton (left).

Edinburgh Instruments is pleased to announce that they will be sponsoring the Inter-American Photochemistry Society (I-APS) Award in Photochemistry starting in 2020. This year’s recipient, Prof. Felix “Phil” Castellano of North Carolina State University, was presented the award at this year’s winter conference in Sarasota, Florida, by I-APS President Prof. James McCusker of Michigan State University and Edinburgh Instruments’ Application and Technology Scientist, Dr. Ian Stanton.

Prof. Castellano’s broad research has spanned organic and inorganic chromophores, and recently nanocrystalline projects investigating fundamental photophysical properties of excited states, energy transfer, and new constructs for lighting and solar applications. His award lecture, titled “From Molecules to Materials: Triplets are Everywhere”, focused on his more recent research regarding the exploitation of controllable energy levels of CdSe quantum dots to harness and transport triplets using surface bound sensitizer molecules. Notable publications from his lab related to this talk are:

Nanocrystals for Triplet Sensitization – Molecular Behavior from Quantum Confined Materials. Garakyaraghi, S.; Castellano, F.N. Inorg. Chem. 2018, 57, 2351–2359
Thermally Activated Delayed Photoluminescence from Pyrenyl-Functionalized CdSe Quantum Dots. Mongin, C.; Moroz, P.; Zamkov, M.; Castellano, F.N. Nature Chem. 2017, 10, 225-230
Prof. Castellano is an avid user of Edinburgh Instruments’ spectrometers, with seven systems currently operating in his laboratory for steady-state and lifetime luminescence measurements, as well as nanosecond transient absorption spectra and kinetics. You can discover more about his research, personnel, and his further publications involving notable research areas of inorganic chromophores, triplet-triplet upconversion, and quantum dots here: https://castellgrp.wixsite.com/castellano-ncsu.

IAPS Photochemistry Conference

The I-APS is a non-profit organization of over 600 scientists dedicated to research involving new molecular and material systems that poses unique and useful properties for advancement in light-driven research. Edinburgh Instruments is pleased to continue support for this growing and thriving community.

Our Applications and Technology Scientist, Dr. Ian Stanton, continues to belong to this society and is honored to be a permanent member of the Executive Committee as an industrial representative.

To hear about upcoming conferences, photochemistry research positions and faculty, and to become a member, visit: www.i-aps.org.

Lido Beach Resort Florida

The Lido Beach Resort Conference Center was filled with photochemists, who were awaiting their breaks to soak in the sunny weather.

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