Photoluminescence Webinar on Stimuli-responsive Fluorescent Materials

21 July 2020
Professor Shih-Sheng Sun
Academia Sinica
Mandarin Language

15.30-16.30 HKT (Hong Kong Time), TST (Taipei Standard Time), SST (Singapore Standard Time)
16.30-17.30 JST (Japan Standard Time), KST (Korea Standard Time)

Professor Sun gained his PhD in Northwestern University in the USA, and now sits as the Deputy Director in the Institute of Chemistry at Academia Sinica, focusing his research on Molecular Recognition and Chemical Sensing, Supramolecular assemblies of p-conjugated systems, and light harvesting materials for Solar Cells. Professor Sun will present his recent research into Stimuli-responsive fluorescent materials, opening a way for the development of novel organic luminescent solids that can be switched on and off by external stimuli.

Further reading: Prof Sun

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