I-APS 2019 | Edinburgh Instruments to attend in Sarasota, Florida

I-APS 2019: Inter-American Photochemistry Conference | Florida, USA

I-APS 2019

We will be at the 28th Winter I-APS Conference taking place from the 2-5 of January at the Lido Beach Resort in Sarasota, Flordia.

I-APS will feature speakers from a wide-range of photochemical disciplines, and will highlight photoredox catalysis, photo-active materials and nanomaterials, photo-biological processes, ultra-fast spectroscopy, inorganic photochemistry, and classical organic photochemistry.

I-APS Invited Speakers

The meeting will feature invited talks from many leaders in the field, including:

  • Corey Stephenson
  • Maria Abrahamsson
  • John Asbury
  • Jessica Anna
  • Graham Fleming
  • Kirk Schanze
  • Monica Gonzalez
  • Emily Weiss
  • Angel Marti
  • Remi Beaulac
  • Richard Givens
  • Belinda Heyne
  • Jessica White
  • Joel Rosenthal
  • Hiroshi Imahori
  • Elizabeth Young
  • Catherine McCusker
  • Daniel Nocera
  • Luisa DeCola
  • Ksenija Glusac
  • Nancy Pizzaro

“The Inter-American Photochemical Society has more than 600 members in academia, industry, and government throughout North and South America.  It holds an annual Winter Conference, always in a location where photons are plentiful.  We enthusiastically welcome membership in the Society by students, and strive to facilitate their professional training and development of contacts in the business.  This is partially accomplished through a program of Travel Awards for the annual Winter Conference.”

Our Application and Technology Specialist will be in attendance throughout the course of the conference where he will be available to discuss the latest news and product information from Edinburgh Instruments, and will be giving a talk on ‘Advances in Photoluminescence and Transient Absorption Measurement Techniques’. To arrange an appointment to meet with him or to find out more contact us at sales@edinst.com.


2-5 January 2019


Lido Beach Resort 


700 Ben Franklin Drive
Sarasota, FL 34236