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Edinburgh Instruments Lectureship


French Family Science Center 2231


Duke University
Department of Chemistry
124 Science Dr
Durham, NC 27708


The Lewis Research Group, at Northwestern University, prides itself on research that is directed toward understanding the relationship between the unique structure of DNA and its interaction with light.

“The foundation for these studies is the design, synthesis, and characterization of short stable DNA base pair domains. Incorporation of organic chromophores either at the ends or within the interior of synthetic DNA hairpins and dumbbells permits study of the dynamics and efficiency of photoinduced electron transfer, energy transfer, and exciton coupling – all of which are mediated by the helical, π-stacked base pair domain. We collaborate with structural chemists, spectroscopists, and theoreticians both at Northwestern and at other universities in the U.S. and Europe.”

The Lewis Research Group has been responsible for over 300 publications in leading scientific journals and played a large part in the many laurels that Professor Lewis was awarded near the end of his career. These include, but are not limited to; the Porter Medal, the Josef Michl Award in Photochemistry, and the I-APS Award in Photochemistry.