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Detector Options

InGaAs Detectors (NIR Range)

A range of InGaAs detectors are available that cover the range 900 nm – 2050 nm. For more details please contact us.

Intensified Charge-Coupled Device (ICCD) Camera

The generation of spectra in kinetic mode by successive measurement at different wavelengths requires many excitation flashes. This can be problematic due to photo-degradation and stability of the sample over time. This can be overcome by upgrading to spectral mode and fitting an ICCD onto the instrument.


The ICCD detector has a high dynamic range and an ultra-low readout noise and can be controlled by the L900 software.

Spectral Range: 180 nm – 850 nm (W-AGT photocathode)
Minimum Optical Gate Width: 7 ns

CCD Camera Specification
Full Number of Pixels: 1024 x 256
Number of Active Pixels: 960 x 255
Active Area: 25 mm x 6.7 mm
Cooling: -30°C (-40°C with additional coolant circulation)