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Fluorescence Spectroscopy Applications

At Edinburgh Instruments we are constantly trying to push the boundaries of fluorescence spectroscopy.

We have an in-house, dedicated applications laboratory at our headquarters in Scotland and numerous PhD educated, application specialists available to help with your fluorescence spectroscopy application and/or instrumentation setup.

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Virtual Demonstrations

Virtual demos are available for our range fluorescence spectrometers by our team of Application Scientists.  During the demo, you will be able to see how both the hardware and software of the spectrometer are operated through a live video feed and software screen capture. The demos can either be conducted using a set of standard samples, or you can send us your own research samples for real-time analysis during the demo.

Find out more about our virtual demonstrations.

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Applications Library

We have a great online resource library featuring a wide range of fluorescence spectroscopy applications and research utilising our fluorescence spectrometers. Why not have a look and review our latest application notes here to see if they can help you with your own research.

To find out how we can help you with your fluorescence spectroscopy requirements, please contact us.