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Portability Options

Portability Options

Battery Packs

  • BP1 is a Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with 5400mA/h, 2 x 5V out. Ultimate Portability using the light weight BP1/BP2 battery pack for field work. Long Life rechargeable battery pack BP1 provides over 5 hours of continuous spectral acquisition for RED-Wave NIR-InGaAs spectrometer with TEC or 20 hours with TEC off or when using other spectrometer models.
  • BP2 is a Lithium-Ion Battery Pack with 7400m A/h, 2 V x 5 V & 2 V x 12 V out. BP2 adds on 2 additional 12 V power outputs to operate 2 spectrometers and 2 light sources. The BP2 can power the SL1 and the SL5 lamps.

Instrument Case

  • The instrument case is water-tight, crush-proof, and dust-proof.  It has easy to open double throw latches and padlock protectors. Pack your spectroscopy equipment for field measurements.