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Mini-tau Upgrades

Mini-tau Upgrades

The upgrade options are modifications or additions to the main body of the Mini-tau. All upgrades are best installed at the time of manufacture, but they can also be retro-fitted by a qualified service engineer during an on-site visit.

All the standard features of the Mini-tau are retained when an upgrade option has been added. Many of the options can be combined allowing for outstanding flexibility for an instrument of this class.

[accordion clicktoclose=”true”][accordion-item title=”Lasers & LEDs Upgrades”]

Excitation Sources

Picosecond Pulsed Diode Lasers and LEDs: We manufacture a range of picosecond pulsed laser diodes (EPL Series) and LEDs (EPLED Series) for Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) measurements. Diodes are available over the UV-VIS spectrum starting at 250 nm and are pre-set with a range of repetition frequencies. The driver electronics are built into the light sources, making them easier to share between colleagues.


[accordion-item title =”Sample Holder Options”]


Single Cuvette Holder: Temperature adjustable by water/coolant circulation, fitted with integrated probe for sample temperature monitoring by spectrometer operating software. Filter slots provided for holding 50 mm square filters. This sample holder is included as part of the standard system.

Powders, Thin-Films and Solids

Front-Face Sample Holder: Single position front-face sample holder. This sample holder is suitable for measuring front-face emission on cuvettes. Two additional inserts are supplied. Insert for holding films/slides, and insert comprising demountable cuvette.


[accordion-item title=”Polarisation/Anisotropy”]

Standard Range (220 nm – 900 nm): Glan Thompson polarising prism. Spectral range 220 nm – 900 nm. The polariser can be manually moved into or out of the beam. The position is recognised by the computer. When in the beam, the polarisation angle is fully computer controlled. Anisotropy measurements are possible if both excitation and emission polarisers are present.


[accordion-item title=”Software Upgrade”]

The standard F980 software package can be upgraded to include the FAST software package. This is used for advanced fluorescence lifetime analysis and includes features such as lifetime distribution analysis and exponential components analysis. Please click on the link to learn more about FAST software or contact us directly.