Space Spectrometers - Celebrating National Space Day

Space Spectrometers – Celebrating National Space Day

space spectrometers

National Space Day is celebrated annually in the US on the first Friday of May. The celebration was created to promote STEM amongst young people.1 However, it also offers an opportunity for the public to celebrate the extraordinary achievements and opportunities space exploration provides.

Here at Edinburgh Instruments, we are celebrating National Space Day by highlighting how spectroscopy can assist space exploration. For example, did you know on the Mars Perseverance Rover there’s a spectrometer to measure both Raman and fluorescence!2

Spectroscopy in Space

Space Spectrometers

Raman Spectroscopy and Its Application in Space

Raman Spectroscopy is being used in aerospace for the analysis of minerals and chemical compounds. It offers precise analysis, reducing ambiguity without any risk of sample damage. Further applications using Raman spectroscopy are being researched, including biosignature analysis and missions to Venus.2 Back on Earth our Raman microscopes can be used to delve into the samples returning from missions to probe the secrets of space.

Raman Spectroscopy and the Hunt for Aliens

Curious to find out more about how Raman spectroscopy could assist in the hunt for aliens? Take a minute to read this fascinating article that delves into the topic: Raman Spectroscopy and the Hunt for Aliens.

spectroscopy in space

Explore Edinburgh Instruments Raman Spectrometers

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Edinburgh Instruments has been providing high performance instrumentation in the Molecular Spectroscopy market for over 50 years. Our Precision Raman microscopes continue our commitment to offering the highest quality and sensitivity instruments. Travel in time and take a moment to discover how our Raman Microscopes can rocket your research:

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us and our sales team will be delighted to assist you.

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