Applications of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book List

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book List

It’s always a pleasure when we get the opportunity to talk to the next generation of new scientists. We enjoy meeting them at exhibitions, events and working with undergraduate and graduate students within the fields of photochemical and photophysics. As part of our sponsorship of the Scholarship Awards for the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUST) in Shenzen, China we are able to share our knowledge and are always happy to answer questions they may have. For those starting out in their careers and interested in the field of fluorescence spectroscopy, we have compiled a handy Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book list of recommended reading for further knowledge expansion.

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Books

Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book: Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy by Joseph R Lakowicz

Principles of Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Author: Joseph R. Lakowicz

The book features new chapters on single molecule detection, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, novel probes and radiative decay engineering. The 3rd edition retains its focus on basics but includes updated examples of recent scientific literature results.

Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book: Introduction to Fluorescence by David M. Jameson. Includes fluorescence spectroscopy applications.

Introduction to Fluorescence
Author: David M. Jameson

Describing general principles in a straightforward manner with examples from a variety of disciplines, this fluorescence book provides a solid understanding of basic fluorescence theory and practice, as well as the application of fluorescence spectroscopy.

Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy: Fluorescence book: Molecular Fluorescence - Principles and Applications by Bernard Valeur and Mario N Berberan-Santos. Contains practical fluorescence spectroscopy applications and top tips.

Molecular Fluorescence: Principles and Applications
Author: Bernard Valeur and Mário N. Berberan-Santos

An introductory overview of molecular fluorescence covering the fundamentals of the principles of instrumentation and practical application along with many key tips.

Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book: Time-correlated single photon counting by Desmond V O'Connor and David Phillips

Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting
Author: Desmond V O’Connor and David Phillips

An informative review of the authors’ experience working with a variety of single photon counting systems.

Comprising eight chapters, the book discusses time dependence and applications of fluorescence spectroscopy; basic principles of the single photon counting lifetime measurement; light sources; photomultipliers; electronics; data analysis; nanosecond time-resolved emission spectroscopy; time dependence of fluorescence anisotropy.

Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book: Modern Molecular Photochemistry by Nicholas Turro

Modern Molecular Photochemistry
Author: Nicholas Turro

An excellent book for students depicting the advances in the field of Modern Molecular Photochemistry. The book discusses the the development of the theory of photoreactions, the utilization of photoreactions in synthetic sequences, and the advancement of powerful laser techniques to study the mechanisms of photoreactions.

Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book: Principles of Molecular Photochemistry by Nicholas Turro and V. Ramamurthy

Principles of Molecular Photochemistry
Author: Nicholas Turro and V. Ramamurthy

This fluorescence spectroscopy book develops photochemical and photophysical concepts from a small set of familiar principles. An updated primer from Nick Turro’s Modern Molecular Photochemistry, the book introduces an initial paradigm that relates the photon and a reactant molecular structure to photochemistry through the structure and dynamics of electronically excited states, reactive intermediates and products. The same paradigm is readily adapted to incorporate the photon and a reactant molecular structure to photophysics.

The book provides clear pictorial descriptions that can be easily understood and applied to systems of interest.

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book: Photochemistry and Photophysics by Vincenzo Balzani

Photochemistry and Photophysics
Author: Vincenzo Balzani

A fluorescence spectroscopy book covering basic concepts of photochemistry and photophysics to selected examples of current applications of fluorescence spectroscopy and research.

Divided into two clear sections, the first half discusses the formation, properties and reactivity of excited states of inorganic and organic molecules and supramolecular species, as well as experimental techniques. The second part deals with the photochemical and photophysical processes in nature and artificial systems, using examples taken from applications in nature, industry and current research fields, ranging from natural photosynthesis, to photomedicine, polymerizations, photoprotection of materials, holography, luminescence sensors, energy conversion, and storage and sustainability issues.

Fluorescence Book: Excited States and Photochemistry of Organic Molecules by Martin Klessinger and Josef Michl

Excited States and Photochemistry of Organic Molecules
Author: Martin Klessinger and Josef Michl

A non-mathematical introduction to electronic excitation in organic molecules and their spectroscopy, photophysics, and photochemistry.

Numerous illustrated worked examples featuring simple and intuitive models, for electronic structure and reactivity are emphasized, and practical application of theory is illustrated through a variety of worked examples.

Application of Fluorescence Spectroscopy Book: Handbook of Photochemistry by Marco Montalti, Alberto Credi, Luca Prodi and M. Teresa Gandolfi.

Handbook of Photochemistry
Authors: Marco Montalti, Alberto Credi, Luca Prodi and M. Teresa Gandolfi

In recent times the field of photochemical sciences has continued to expand across several disciplines including organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and biological chemistries and nanosciences.

This book is an updated (3rd edition) which provides quick and easy access to chemical and physical data which are essential to photochemical investigations from the planning experimentation phases to the interpretation of results. It also provides an up-to-date collection of photophysical and electrochemical data on organic compounds and transition metal complexes.

Applications of Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Our scientists at Edinburgh Instruments regularly carry out fluorescence spectroscopy research on behalf of clients. You can view the results of our research in the fluorescence spectroscopy applications section of our website.

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