Research Articles on Fluorescence - August 2018

Our customers have been doing some great research with our fluorescence instrumentation, and as such have had their research articles published in various leading journals. Take a look at some of the of the best articles published during the month of August.

All Inorganic Perovskite Nanocrystal Scintillators

Qiushui Chen, Jing Wu, Xiangyu Ou, Bolong Huang, Jawaher Almutlaq, Ayan A. Zhumekenov, Xinwei Guan, Sanyang Han, Liangliang Liang, Zhigao Yi, Juan Li, Xiaoji Xie, Yu Wang, Ying Li, Dianyuan Fan, Daniel B. L. Teh, Angelo H. All, Omar F. Mohammed, Osman M. Bakr, Tom Wu, Marco Bettinelli, Huanghao Yang, Wei Huang & Xiaogang Liu
FS5 Spectrofluorometer

Biocatalyst and Colorimetric / Fluorescent Dual Biosensors of H2O2 Constructed via Hemoglobin–Cu3(PO4)2 Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Nanoflowers

Jiaojiao Gao, Hui Liu, Lingyan Pang, Kai Guo, and Junqi Li
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
FS5 Spectrofluorometer

Next‐Generation Narrow‐Band Green‐Emitting RbLi(Li3SiO4)2:Eu2+ Phosphor for Backlight Display Application

Ming Zhao, Hongxu Liao, Lixin Ning,  Qinyuan Zhang,  Quanlin Liu, and  Zhiguo Xia
Advanced Materials
FLS920 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

Giant Electron–Phonon Coupling and Deep Conduction Band Resonance in Metal Halide Double Perovskite

Julian A. Steele, Pascal Puech, Masoumeh Keshavarz, Ruoxi Yang, Subhasree Banerjee, Elke Debroye, Cheol Woong Kim, Haifeng Yuan, Nam Ho Heo, Johan Vanacken, Aron Walsh, Johan Hofkens, and Maarten B. J. Roeffaers
ACS Nano
FLS920 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

Surface Passivation of Bismuth-Based Perovskite Variant Quantum Dots To Achieve Efficient Blue Emission

Meiying Leng, Ying Yang, Zhengwu Chen, Wanru Gao, Jian Zhang, Guangda Niu, Dengbing Li, Haisheng Song, Jianbing Zhang, Song Jin, and Jiang Tang
ACS Nano Letters
FLS980 Photoluminescence Spectrometer

Other Recommended Research Articles

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