People of Edinburgh Instruments | Stephen Marshall

People of Edinburgh Instruments – Stephen Marshall

Here at Edinburgh Instruments, we are proud of all our employees for all they do behind the scenes, so we thought it was time to put them in the spotlight. This series does exactly that; you get a sneak peek into what drives, excites and enamours our team. We hope you enjoy it!

Let’s get into it 

Meet Stephen, Production Manager here at Edinburgh Instruments.  

Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

What makes you, you? 

I strongly value empathy, trust, and offering support in all of my relationships. I believe that trust forms the bedrock of strong connections. Being supportive enables us to extend a helping hand to one another during difficult circumstances. I find great joy in the process of expanding my skills and knowledge to introduce fresh ideas and perspectives. Additionally, I genuinely relish listening to people’s stories and experiences. It is my personal goal to continuously strive for self-improvement and treat everyone with the same compassion and understanding that I would want for myself.  

Why did you choose Edinburgh instruments? and how long have you been here?  

I’ve always been fascinated by electronics and applied for lots of jobs and apprenticeships in Edinburgh before I left school. EI was the first to offer me a job, and I accepted it before being offered an apprenticeship with Ferranti in Robertson Avenue in Edinburgh (the company is no longer there). I began working on the 3rd of February 1986, which was 38 years ago.  


Old Course St. Andrews with my dad, sister, and daughter

What has kept you at EI for so long?

When I first joined EI in 1986, it was a modest-sized company with about 30 employees, including both seasoned professionals and young individuals at the onset of their careers. My initial role in stock control taught me the fundamentals of work, the nuances of interpersonal relations, and the importance of processes, all of which have significantly shaped my personal and professional development. The growth opportunities within the company and the diverse roles I’ve undertaken have been pivotal in my career trajectory, rendering the hard work rewarding. My resolve, along with the support from peers and colleagues, has been fundamental to my accomplishments. Observing the investment in EI and its workforce has been remarkable. With Techcomp’s acquisition in 2013, the transformation has been remarkable—from assembling a few fluorescent systems at a time to now producing dozens simultaneously; what was once our monthly targets we now do in less than a week. This mirrors the investment, strategies, and trust Techcomp invests in its staff. While there is more to accomplish, it is fulfilling to see that the production team I have nurtured is now equipped to support our growth and will be key to our ongoing advancement and prosperity for the next 40 years. 

Alton Towers with the Family

What does a typical day/ week in your role look like?

My days are full of engaging meetings, productive discussions, and one-on-one chats with my fantastic team. In my role as a facilitator more than a manager, I enjoy helping my team boost their productivity and efficiency. We work together to tackle challenges, find solutions, and support each other in reaching our goals, drawing inspiration from my many years at EI. I am also spending time with the procurement and inventory teams analysing our inventory and identifying obsolete and slow-moving items.  

What has been your favourite work trip with Edinburgh Instruments? 

Earlier this year, I had the most amazing opportunity to travel and visit my colleagues in Shanghai and Hong Kong. It was an absolutely wonderful meeting new people and experiencing another culture and way of life. I feel incredibly honoured to have had that opportunity. Also, while in Hong Kong, I had a blast playing golf at the beautiful golf course, Clearwater Bay. 

Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong

In your spare time, what do you get up to? 

When I’m not out on the golf course, you will find me either hanging out with my family and friends, enjoying life and socialising over meals or drinks at our favourite spots, or off exploring another country with my wife. We recently visited Marrakesh. I have learnt with so many sad experiences in my life that life is too short and should be lived. I’m also a die-hard Hearts fan, so you might catch me at Tynecastle whenever they’re playing. I was lucky enough to play there in a fundraiser with Scott Crabbe, and we were managed by Alan McLaren on the day. It was extra special for me because my granddad played for Hearts from 1929 to 1931 and having my dad and daughters there to watch was just amazing.

Playing at Tynecastle watched by my dad and daughters

What was your first ever job? 

I had 2, Paperboy and Milk boy. I used to deliver the milk and then the papers Mon-Sat from the age of 15. Milk round was 4.30-6.00am, then papers 6.00-7.00am then off to school.  

What is top of your bucket list? 

Apart from a game of golf at Pebble Beach, it would be exploring different countries with my wife (Vietnam and Cambodia are currently top of that list). 

Marrakesh Desert

Top 5 movies  

  • Face Off 
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • The Joker 
  • Star Wars 
  • Lord of the Rings 


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