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Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation – FLS1000 Configuration Options

As manufacturers of state of the art fluorescence spectroscopy instrumentation, we are able to meet the most demanding applications within photophysics, photochemistry, material sciences and life sciences. Our FLS1000 photoluminescence spectrometer sets the standard in both steady state and time-resolved spectroscopy. Moreover, it comes with a variety of modular construction and figuration options which can be tailored to suit individual customer needs.

In this article we give a quick overview of the configuration options available:

FLS1000-SS Configuration_Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation


Standard steady state and lifetime (fluorescence and phosphorescence) spectrometer with 450 W xenon lamp, microsecond flashlamp, and nanosecond flashlamp.

FLS1000-DD Configuration_Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation


High performance photoluminescence spectrometer with sensitivity up to 1700 nm and pico-second to seconds time resolution capability.

FLS1000-DSS Configuration_Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation


In T-Geometry with CCD camera for recording of VIS-NIR spectra (left emission arm) and PMT for spectral scanning in the near infrared spectral range (right emission arm).

FLS1000-DSS Configuration_Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation


Spectrometer for steady state and microsecond to second time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy from the visible to the mid-infrared spectral range.

For measurements beyond 1700 nm laser sources (continuous and pulsed) are required for excitation.

FLS1000-Microscope Configuration_Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation


Any variant of the FLS1000 series can be coupled to a microscope by means of the standard fibre coupling. For high spatial resolution, the excitation source may be coupled directly to the microscope port.

Configuration Upgrades for Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation

Configuration Upgrades for Fluorescence Spectroscopy InstrumentationOur fluorescence spectroscopy instrumentation can be equipped with double monochromators on excitation and emission arms. Double monochromators are recommended for highly scattering, low emissive samples as they improve the systems stray light suppression and increase the signal-to-noise ratio. A double monochromator in the emission arm allows for up to three detectors mounted simultaneously with software-based selection; two detectors can be fitted after the double monochromator and one after the first of the two monochromators.

Fluorescence Spectroscopy Instrumentation from Edinburgh Instruments

For more information on configuration options for our FLS1000 and other fluorescence spectroscopy instrumentation, contact a member of our team at sales@edinst.com.

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