Celebrating World Laboratory Day at Techcomp | Edinburgh Instruments

Celebrating World Laboratory Day at Techcomp

April 23rd marks World Laboratory Day, a day to celebrate laboratories across the globe where scientists conduct valuable research and make new discoveries to improve our everyday lives. Although the origins of World Laboratory Day are still unclear, it gives us a chance to reflect on the great achievements and breakthroughs in scientific research.

Celebrating World Laboratory Day

At Techcomp, we are delighted to celebrate World Laboratory Day and to play our part with a suite of world-class laboratory products across Molecular Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Mass Spectroscopy, Gas Sensing, Precision Weighing, and Temperature Control. Techcomp manufactures and distributes analytical systems, life science equipment and laboratory instruments around the globe, with operations dating back to 1920.

Let’s take a look at some of our key products across the Group and the industries they serve.

Molecular Spectroscopy – Edinburgh Instruments

Molecular Spectroscopy Equipment | Spectroscopy Instruments

Edinburgh Instruments is a global leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of state-of-the-art spectroscopic instrumentation. For the last 50 years Edinburgh Instruments has established a reputation for quality and innovation.

Edinburgh Instruments molecular spectroscopy range is designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for fast, accurate, and reliable measurements. The products offered can support fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy, transient absorption, and UV-Vis.

Industries served include Life Sciences, Geology, Material Research, Environmental Sciences and many more.

  • Fluorescence Spectrometers: Our Fluorescence Spectrometers set the standards in both steady state and time-resolved spectroscopy. Our cutting-edge instruments demonstrate unmatched sensitivity and can be configured for spectral measurements from the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared special range.
  • Raman Microscopes: Our Raman Microscopes serve for analytical and research purposes. Their truly confocal design offers uncompromised spectral resolution, spatial resolution, and sensitivity. The range stands alone in both specifications and ease of use.
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer: Our high-performance dual beam instrument is suitable for many analytical applications where accuracy and precision measurements are key to results. Key highlights include the variable bandpass options (0.5 nm, 1.0 nm, 2.0 nm, 4.0 nm), and fast scanning of up to 6,000 nm/min.
  • Transient Absorption Spectrometer: Our fully automated, turnkey spectrometer is used for acquiring transient absorption kinetics and spectra based on the laser flash photolysis (pump-probe) technique.


Weighing Solutions – Precisa

Weighing Solutions: Precision Balance, Moisture Analyser, Ash Analyser

Precisa are industry leaders with a worldwide reputation for Precision and Analytical Balances serving a variety of markets form Pharmaceutical to Industrial. The company has been manufacturing balances since 1935 and are renowned for their Swiss quality and precision.

  • Semi-micro balances: Our high-end semi-micro balances offer a weighing range of up to
    225 g. These are ideally suited for use in research and development laboratories as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries where maximum precision and reliable results are essential.
  • Analytical Balances: Our high-resolution analytical balances are characterized by simple and intuitive operation. Used in research and development, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, in industry (quality assurance, control, production monitoring) and educational institutions, they have a readability of 0.1 mg (0.0001 g) and a weighing range of up to 520 g.
  • Precision Balances: Precision balances are characterized by practicality and user friendliness and are used in incoming inspection, for dosing and as check-weighers. Our wide range offers a wide range of precision balances with a readability of 1mg (0.001 g), 0.01 g, 0.1 g and 1g.
  • Industrial Weighing Solutions: Our industrial scales are used for incoming inspection, for dosing, as checkweighers in finished packaging and for counting. Perfect for tough working environments, they are available with readabilities of 5 g, 10 g or 20 g and capacities of 75 kg, 150 kg and 300 kg.
  • Moisture Analysers: Moisture analysers, also known as dryers, work like balances on a gravimetric principle. These are available with capacities of up to 310 g and a readability of 1 mg / 0.01 % or 0.1 mg / 0.001% at 124 g capacity. In addition to use in the laboratory, the use of a moisture analyser in quality control, incoming inspection and production monitoring is particularly profitable thanks to its quick, accurate results.
  • TGA Systems: The latest generation of thermogravimetric analysis instruments for efficient, fully automated measurement of dry mass/moisture content, volatile components, and ash/ignition loss on up to 29 samples simultaneously.


Temperature Control – Froilabo

Temperature Control Solutions: ULTs, Laboratory Ovens, Laboratory Freezers, Incubators, Cryogenic Storage

Froilabo are manufacturers of high-quality temperature and humidity laboratory equipment. The company has built a leading reputation based on 100 years of experience and offers a complete range of products for the preparation and storage of samples.

  • Ultra-low Temperature Freezers: Featuring horizontal and upright models, our -86℃ freezers guarantee maximum protection of your samples at all times. Our extensive range features a solution for every laboratory.
  • Low Temperature Freezers: Our ultra-efficient range -45℃ freezers are available in three volumes and are developed for optimal sample safety.
  • Laboratory Ovens: Our series of ventilated laboratory ovens meet all your applications up to 250℃. Efficient, reliable, and cost-effective, they are suited to a wide variety of industrial needs.
  • Incubators: Our static, refrigerated, and circulatory models provide flexible solutions suited to a variety of applications. Supporting capacities from 60 litres to 1,300 litres, they are suitable for large and small laboratories.
  • Climatic Chambers: Our range of Climatic Chambers meets all environmental needs offering a variety of temperatures and sizes for all laboratories. Froilabo offer five volumes from 90 to 1300 L.
  • Temperature Forcing Systems: Our first in class temperature forcing system provides fast and accurate results. This versatile and stable air generator is perfect for heating or cooling electronic components and printed circuits boards, performing climatic simulations, electronic characterisation, temperature cycling and targeted freezing.
  • Blast Freezers: Prepare your samples for cold storage with the Froilabo blast freezer, rapid and reproducible cooling at the core of every sample.
  • Cryogenic Storage Systems: Cryovita is the comprehensive range of cryogenic storage systems from Froilabo. The range has been created to provide efficient and reliable sample storage and safe liquid nitrogen handling.
  • Water Baths: Our serology water baths are available in two volumes (3 and 6 liters). They are simple and easy to use with a control interface that allows for the setting of the ambient temperature +7℃ to +60℃ and preset at the factory to 37℃ and 56℃.


Chromatography – Scion

Chromatography: Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromoxylography | Solutions

SCION Instruments is a leading supplier of Chromatography instrumentation and solutions. It is committed to continuing its 50+ year legacy of product innovation, providing true solutions, excellent service and training.

  • Gas Chromatography Solutions: Our Gas Chromatograph (GC) systems range from simple stand-alone GC through to fully configured analysers which are tailored for specific customers’ complex applications and analysis in for example:
    • Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (Oil, Natural Gas and Petrochemicals)
    • Food & Beverage Industry
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Environmental Protection
  • Liquid Chromatography Solutions: The SCION 6000 Series aims for confidence in results through outstanding life-time performance. The line-up comes with a portfolio of detectors including UV, DAD, Fluorescence, and Refractive which can be configured for use in the same application fields as mentioned above.
  • CompassCDS: An industry-proven, powerful, and operator-friendly networked chromatography data system software has been developed throughout the last 20 years to meet the requirements of our customer base. CompassCDS provides operators with a powerful tool for a variety of operations in different analytical fields.


Gas Analysis Solutions – Edinburgh Sensors

Gas Sensors | Gas Sensing Solutions for Gas Analysis | CO, CO2 CH4 Analysis

Edinburgh Sensors is a world leading manufacturer of gas detectors for cutting-edge gas sensing solutions. With a global reputation for high performance, our gas detection products are an ideal solution for those applications where accuracy, safety and reliability are paramount.

  • OEM Gas Sensors: Provide fast, accurate, and reliable measurements of CO, CO2, CH4 and many other gases. The OEM Gascard series is the product of choice for an assortment of blue-chip companies globally who require long-term stability and accuracy in the most demanding of industrial gas sensing applications.
  • Gas Monitors: Edinburgh Sensors’ Guardian range of infrared gas monitoring systems offer near-analyser quality continuous sampling, measurement, and display of target gas concentrations.


Mass Spectroscopy – Isotopx 

Mass Spectrometers | Mass Spectroscopy Instruments | Equipment | Solutions

Isotopx is a world leader in inorganic magnetic sector mass spectrometers, specialising in thermal ionisation and noble gas mass spectrometers. Isotopx is justifiably proud of its heritage, dating back to 1973, and firmly believes that it provides a strong foundation for the innovative products it provides today.

  • SIRIX: Our all-new large radius gas source stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer. Key features include: nine individually moveable Faraday detectors; simultaneous measurement of m/z 44 to 49; mass resolving power 5,000; 10 ppm precision 48 CO2/ 44 CO2, within 100 minutes; the capability to measure up to 200 nA ion beams.
  • Phoenix: The Phoenix TIMS (thermal ionization mass spectrometer) is designed to measure isotope ratios of non-gaseous elements with the highest sensitivity and precision. Our unique, patented ATONA amplifier technology allows better precision over a wider range of isotopic abundances, with less noise and less regular calibration.
  • NGX: A static multi collector noble gas spectrometer designed to measure isotope ratios of any of the noble gases at high precision and accuracy. NGX uses our ATONA technology coupled with a low volume, large radius design and the very latest electronics to give the highest performance and sensitivity for all of the noble gases.
  • DG60: A floor-standing, self-contained filament degassing unit capable of automatically preparing up to 60 TIMS filaments per cycle. With an ultimate vacuum of 10-8 mbar and easy-to-use software, the degassing of filaments becomes a controlled, reproducible, and hands-off process.


Centrifuges and DNA Analysers – Dynamica

Laboratory Instruments | Centrifuges | DNA Analysers 

Dynamica specialise in the development, production and provision of tools and services for use in life science research, analytical and academic purposes. The company boasts a broad range of products including centrifuges and DNA analysers.

  • High Speed Centrifuges: The Velocity 30R is a high-speed, benchtop refrigerated centrifuge capable of running swing out and angle rotors. With maximum 30,000rpm as well as maximum 6x250ml capacity, it will fulfil your entire process requirements.
  • Versatile Centrifuges: Available in a range of models, the range offers impressive maximum speeds from 14,000 RPN / 21,780xg to 18,000 RPM / 30,318xg and is adapted to a wide range of rotors and tubes.
  • Microcentrifuges: 3 volumes in 1 compact centrifuge with refrigeration and maximum speed of 15000rpm.
  • DNA Analyser: Our DNA Analyser, the Halo DNAmaster is equipped with a comprehensive selection of on-board functions for versatility and suitability for many life science applications involving nucleic acid, proteins, and bacterial cultures.


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