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Tuneable VUV Light Source

Product Description

Excitation from 110 nm upwards is possible with a CW Deuterium Source and a specially designed nanosecond flashlamp (filled with hydrogen or dueterium) can be used for TCSPC lifetime measurements. The optical path from the excitation monochromator to the sample is also evacuated using a special light guide. The area around the sample is floowed with flowing nitrogen gas to reduce atmospheric absorption of the VUV radiation. The tuneable VUV source is availabe for the FLS980.

Technical Specifications


150 W deuterium source (air cooled) with MgF2 window and power supply


200 mm focal length f/4.5 holographic grating vacuum monochromator.
Precision continuously adjustable entrance and exit slits.
1200g/mm holographic Al+MgF2 grating.
High resolution drive system for wavelength selection.


Collimating focusing optics


Fully assembled and ready-to-operate high vacuum pump with integrated vacuum gauge and display. 10-8 mbar (0.75*10-8 Torr) ultimate pressure. Consisting of a grease lubricated turbomolecular pump, oil-free diaphram pump, switchlock with rotary switch for driving the backing pump, turbomolecular pump, vacuum gauge adn power failures venting valve.

Pump Active sensor display range

1 x 10-10 to 1330 mbar, readout selectable between mbar, Torr and Pascal

Pump Mains connection

230 V, 50 Hz

Pump Dimensions

430 mm x 456 mm x 420 mm

Pump Weight

27 kg