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Detector Options

Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs)

Single photon counting detectors comprise a single photon counting photomultiplier, together with an optimised dynode chain, mounted in a light tight cooled or un-cooled housing. The detectors include the coupling flange with the adaptive optics for direct compatibility with the FLS980, FS5, LifeSpec II and Mini-tau spectrometers.

A wide range of PMTs are available that can cover the spectral ranges up to 1700 nm.

Analogue Detectors

Analogue detectors are used either for high light level applications with the requirement for high dynamic range, or as alternative detectors in spectral ranges where photomultipliers are unavailable or too expensive. Depending on the required application, the analogue detectors come in a variety of housings with a variety of cooling options.

Analogue detectors find application either in the FLS980 or the LP980 to extend the spectral coverage into the NIR to 5.5 µm. For steady state applications the diode is mounted in a two stage TE cooled housing with collection/focusing optics chopper and lock-in. For time-resolved applications, the diode is supplied in a two stage TE-cooled housing and with a digitising oscilloscope for data collection and averaging. The spectrometer’s software comes with oscilloscope transfer mode for data download from the oscilloscope for subsequent analysis.