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Sample Chamber Options

Temperature Control Options

Temperature control options are available to suit every need. These include:

A closed cycle water/coolant bath used with water cooled sample holders. The temperature range is -10°C to +100°C.

A variety of TE Cooled sample holders are available covering the standard range from -10°C to +105°C  or the extended range from -40°C to +150°C. Other equipment may be required to reach the extremes of the ranges. Multiple cuvettes can be simultaneous cooled with some of the options. Please contact Edinburgh Instruments for more information.

A liquid nitrogen dewar (quartz) in mounting collar with light tight seal. A sample rod, containing the sample, will be immersed into the liquid nitrogen bath thus cooling the sample to 77 K.

Liquid nitrogen and liquid helium cryostats are also available with ranges 77 K – 300 K and 3.4 K – 300 K. We also have extended versions which extend the temperature range to 500 K. The cryostats come with temperature controller, mounting flange and pedestal.

If you already have a cryostat it may be possible to integrate it with your spectrometer. Contact us to find out.


Excitation and Emission Glan Thompson polarising prisms are available in computer controlled mounts.

Integrating Sphere – Quantum Yield

Demountable integrating sphere supplied for quantum yield and reflection measurements of solutions or solid samples. The integrating sphere fits directly into the sample chamber and is supplied with a cuvette holder and a mount for powder samples. Please contact Edinburgh Instruments for discussions on your experimental requirements for spectral range coverage and the suitable detectors/light sources to use.

Cryosphere – Quantum Yield

A light collection accessory incorporating an integrating sphere and Fluoracle software-controlled cryostat, to allow quantum yield measurements of solid and powder samples from 77 – 500K. The setup allows measurement of direct and indirect sample excitation. The Cryosphere is attached to the optical path of the FLS1000 system via optical fibre bundles. Fibre bundles and launcher should be ordered separately.

Multi-well Plate Reader Module

The multi-well plate reader is an external module that is attached to the FLS980 to perform spectral measurement on multi-well plates. The module has been designed for 96-well plates. The plate reader module is coupled to the FLS sample chamber by means of a bifurcated optical fibre. The control of the module is fully automated from the software. A plate reader sample cassette is also available for the FS5 spectrofluorometer for 96-well plates only.

Titration Module

The titration accessory is based on a dual syringe Hamilton titrator.

Microscope Attachment

A combined microscope and imaging camera is excellent for measuring specific points within a sample and for imaging with monochromatic excitation / illumination.  Imaging cameras are available for both visible and NIR regions up to 1700 nm.  The microscope is attached to the spectrometer through fibre bundles and allows ~1 µm spot measurements to be taken from the sample, using a single software package, and mapping.

Fibre-Optic Remote Sensing

Fibre assemblies are available for remote measurements.

Stopped-Flow Accessory

This is a rapid kinetic accessory for multi-mixing capabilities. It comprises a sample handling unit fitted with three 1 ml (multi-mixing) drive syringes, 600 mm long umbilical, manually operated drive, square mixing/observation cuvette with standard dimensions (10 mm path way).